Shift Your Reality Effortlessly through embodying your divinity and authentic self.

Use Human Design, Gene Keys, ancient wisdom and other accessible, simple energy tools to lead yourself gently into interdependence and self-empowerment.

Experience Real Freedom from being unapologetically you.

"Authenticity doesn't come from constantly being concerned about what other people think of you, nor does it involve frequent emotional roller coasters.

Being true to yourself starts with having integrity towards yourself and using your creative expression freely."

Through working with me in a conscious environment where you are deeply listened to and seen, you will dismantle your programmed, conditional beliefs and receive an energy tool box with multiple modalities that is customized for you to self-lead and remember your innate power in this ever flourshing mourney called life.

I will guide you to:

  • Witness your Not-Self and transform past trauma and emotional blockages.
  • Effortlessly connect with your Superconscious and learn to separate the voices.
  • Cultivate healthy behaviors that can support you to live your dream life. 
  • Activate your spiritual gifts and reveal your purpose. 

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

~ Nikolas Tesla

Feel. Me.

Hi There, I am Joanne — I am a teacher, a coach, a writer, an energy worker, a composer, and a professional pianist.

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of having esoteric experiences. I was fascinated by parallel realities, time travel, magic, lives before and after death, extra-terrestrials, and the human psyche. While the seeker within me was always there, just like most people, I was following societal programming that wasn’t designed for what’s possible for human potential.

In 2012, a heartbreak left me in a very vulnerable state. I was bypassing many shadows through self-medication, but I also began to look for answers. Everything I believed was falling apart, but it was falling together – It led to my first spiritual awakening.

I started receiving messages and interpreting signs effortlessly. My consciousness suddenly expanded in unconditional love. I could see the energies in people that could be rewired and realigned. What people call cognitive psychology today was directly downloaded into my knowledge, and I began to practice it on my students intuitively.

The experience landed me in the psyche ward, and my time in the psyche ward has revealed my path onward. I eventually let go of all the opportunities and invitations I cultivated in NYC and embarked on a new journey of self-inquiry and my life’s path. 

Today, I live in Bali, working on my passion and living a life of freedom I co-create with the Universe.

While the last 12 years weren’t all cotton candy and unicorns, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else because it helped me to remember what I am. It also helped me cultivate the massive system woven by multiple modalities, which I’ve mastered and continued to improve. I am living proof of the transformation I am here to be of service towards. 

Our human body is the highest technology (at least on this earth), and the Divine Human Grid is the fruit of this journey of excavating this truth. Deep down at my core, I know that when more people integrate our understanding of how energy works in their humans, more people can remember their godhood, and more beings can be in the flow they are meant to have in their lives through ease and grace. 

When you arrive at the Divine Human Grid, you will not be fed fantasies but guided to a path that combines spirituality and practicality to come home to your body, spirit, and soul.

It’s time for every human to wake themselves up, accept that they are god, and start saving themselves and waking themselves. Home.

With love,



Gary L
Gary L
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I had a notification from the pharmacy to fill my prescription. I just deleted it. Not filling it. Really happy about that. I was so tired of the pain and just inconvenience.

Things are starting to flow over from me and into others. Changes, positive changes in those around me that would typically exist in a negative level of energy. It's quite nice & fulfilling. Basically thoughts/energies that I'm putting forth are manifesting into fruition.

To understand that I do have more control than I realize most times. It's exciting. It's uplifting. Fear has lessened. Basically, the gist of it is that now. I'm aware. Of myself, of everything around me. Literally. Even the "ground" I walk on. ... To be honest, I'm just passionate about living now. Just experiencing. Being. I don't feel "shackled" anymore. I just feel. I don't know how else to describe it. ...You've helped to me to understand what I am. Becoming what I want to be, and letting go of what I don't want to be."

(The Client formerly had 8 years of prescribed pharmaceutical injection)
Sindy Jeng
Sindy JengClient
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I remember we were discussing why I felt insecure with money. If it came from family, I would feel insecure. At that moment, my mind could not compute what you've shared with me. I couldn't understand. I've told with you that I didn't re-listen to the session recording after a long time. However, magic happened when I let go of my thoughts and became willing to "truly listen." When I did, I heard a lot of new information! There were blindspots of my old patterns that triggered my insecurity.

My feedback on the 6-months De-Programming (Flow) is it's not like getting a painless essential oil massage only for the discomfort in my life to return, and you keep going back to get more massage but going to a chiropractor or an osteopath, guiding you to redress your joints and bones back to where they belong. Sometimes, the process can be excruciating & make you burst into tears. Still, when you've been corrected and what's blocking you has been shifted, you'll discover you've become more confident, free, and self-empowered in daily interactions.
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Since my session, I realized my power to choose with life events. I choose lightness because living my life with ease is too much fun. Thank you, my old pattern! Goodbye!

Today, I went to sit in the park and zone out, I believe it’s a type of meditation. I full-heartedly like my present moment. I can be still. I feel satisfied.

I like the love and respect I gave myself and prioritize myself.

When I sit in the park and listen to birds chirping and leaves falling in my relaxation, I realize I am the creator because I truly like myself now.

Then, I was reminded of what you said about “time doesn’t exist,” I think my interpretation is the amount of quality time we offer ourselves. When I work with this idea, I understand that a new reality is truly only a vibration away.

I thank you immensely. I am amazed by my transformation and how you guide me. It’s truly easy to grasp.
Sea SunClient
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I had a session with Joanne last month, and I adjusted my vibrations before, and after I sleep, then magic happened. Originally, I had a part-time job I took due to my insecurity with money.

The day after the session, I ended the job without peer pressure. (My friend gave me the opportunity, so I forced myself to go even though I’ve wanted to quit many times.) My full-time job also went smoothly after we tuned the vibration. My employer even asked me if I wanted a raise and more vacation.

This helped me realize that the stuckness I felt before was self-imposed after I embodied a new perspective. If I am willing, I can “instantly” turn everything around. After this experience, I feel confident about my next desire. Those empowered creations can effortlessly circulate. Thank you, Joanne.
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That seriously blew my mind. I definitely think it had to do with you and wasn’t a coincidence!! I can’t believe how tangible the difference feels since I found you! I’m so grateful. I wish I found you sooner!!!!

I really already feel like I don’t need them. I’ve gone several days forgetting to take them sometimes. I am really happy with how much your suggestions and advice have already helped, and I feel like I’m actually seeing changes in the 3D already with my SP! I can’t wait to work with you more and learn even more.

I feel like I’ve gotten more movement since we started messaging than I have since I started. He actually got me gifts (plural!), and he never used to do that! And our communication has improved a lot, he used to get mad, and we used to fight a lot, and there have been a few instances when it felt like it was heading in that direction, but then he apologized, and it never escalated! I’m so amazed at the changes already.
Roxy LinClient
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I’ve taken many classes in the past, but I feel that the way you deliver is the simplest, the quickest to apply and understand.

In short, it’s very down-to-earth. And it’s clear that (changing energy) is very easy and simple. I am not saying that the other things I learned were useless. They are also useful, but I feel the focus is always on what I can improve or what’s wrong with me. Now it’s looking at what I already have.

And sometimes, I'd suspect, is it truly this easy?
Ms. TsaiClient
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The mentorship got me to stop focusing on the single issue in my face but the elevation of my life’s journey. Every problem is no longer a problem but the present moment and yourself when you understand a formula.

"Don't bring in judgment when I sit with my feelings and emotions" is the biggest gift of this mentorship.

Schedule a FREE 20-minute connection call with Joanne to unlock your true potential together.

Receive an alchemy of ancient wisdom through practical approach to generate your holistic wellbeing.

Yin Yang. A cozy picture in calm warm colors. The symbol is richly decorated with flowers and abstract lines. ■ (RUS) Инь-Ян. Уютная картина в спокойных теплых тонах. Символ богато декорирован цветами и абстрактными линиями.

Chinese Tao Concept / Breathing Yin / Human design & Gene keys / 12 Universal Laws (The Law of Attraction Lifestyle)

Transform and balance your physcial body

Restructure your mind, body & soul to maximize holistic Freedom

healthy feminine and masculine energy integration through Tao philosophy

Share and move freely in your authentic essence to unleash your genius & spiritual gifts

nervous system Reprogram & expanding your consciousness gracefully

Utilize somatic practice to shift your life experiences in ease (Breathwork, yin & personalized guidance + prompts)

As a clairsentient, law of attraction expert, holistic wellness advocate, storyteller, facilitator, and professional musician, I bring a diverse range of knowledge & experience to my work.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “Your personality creates your personal reality,” my job is to help you save time & reinvent yourself… EFFORTLESSLY.

My students and clients work with me to fine-tune their thoughts & emotions. Each individual comes into my world to reveal sustainable pathways that help them to call in / take action to receive their dreams with ease.

As a teacher who has worked with all ages on all levels, I use a magical mix of sonic and somatic approaches to weave dimensions and facilitate healing & transformation for my clients.

Expand your consciousness in a consistent flow state.

I aim for people to walk out of their sessions with an understanding of how they can achieve greater balance, sustainability, and tenderness to dance with life.

I am a certified QHHT facilitator, yin yoga teacher, and reiki practitioner. My work is heavily impacted by Dolores Cannon, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neville Goddard & Abraham Hicks. 

I also hold BM & MM degrees from the Manhattan School of Music and New York University. 

Live Better Freer

1:1 Personalized

Private coaching & mentorship program

For your:
Business & Career
Holistic Health & Wellness
Lifestyle & Purpose

The signature mentorship program FLOW helps you to gracefully master energetic techniques and become a vibrational match to your dream life.

Get tailored made guidance, 1:1 VIP out-session support & practice and attract your desires and walk through daily moments with unshakeable inner serenity.

Success Stories

"At the beginning of this program, you asked me to fill out a questionnaire, “What’s the ideal reality I am receiving?” And “How do I feel about the current circumstance,” I couldn’t help but want to ask the “me” from that time, “WHO ARE YOU?” And my life now is beyond what I asked for when I reached out to you. Thank you, Joanne.

I remember that before I started the 6 months program (flow), I was very depressed. I felt insecure and always being wronged in my relationship. I constantly cried in front of my boyfriend, and I remember he looked at me and said, “What happened has already happened. I can’t change or change anything for you. Only you can get over the hump within your heart.” This is when I wanted to change myself.

The first time I realized my energy & vibration had shifted was when I felt uncomfortable with something my boyfriend had said. Then, I remembered you saying, “You create your reality,” so I reflected on what I was creating. Suddenly, the knot within my heart loosened up. My bf was expressing a point of view, but I projected my emotions to what he said due to my insecurity. At that moment, I felt I had reclaimed my power.

The rest of the time, it feels like the lens I l used to filter my days has changed. More positive manifestation shows up in my life. I am in a game of choosing between two realities. All I have to care about is selecting what I want. I don’t need to consider what I must do to get what I want. I only need to consider whether I am in alignment. I deeply trust that I will receive my ideal realities when I plant my seeds.

Throughout the program, I am most grateful for being given the chance to face my deepest fear. “Those who are fortunate use their childhood to heal their entire life; the unfortunate ones use their whole life to heal their childhood.” Thank you for letting me know that I am no longer the child I once was. I’ve already grown into someone who doesn’t need to fear anyone. My fear doesn’t have any power. The power is within me. What I run away from will keep showing up, reminding me of the vibration I hold, so I ask, “What frequency do I want to experience?” Thank you for pulling me out of my ditch, so I could have the opportunity to embrace myself.

'I know you’ll be fine' was what you said to me in the last session of the program. Yes, I will be fine. I already learned to have healthy conversations with myself. I know I can decide what feelings to perpetuate facing any circumstance. The girl who didn’t know how to get in alignment is bowing off the stage. I will love myself diligently."
Hua Hua
Former Client

"A thriving path that ever flourishes."

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QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)℠

QHHT is a technique developed by Dolores Cannon over the span of 40+ years. When you sign up for a QHHT session, it initiates you into a journey to work with “THEM” that takes you into the most profound trance state of your body – The somnambulistic state. 

Under this state, we connect you with the only SOURCE ENERGY. We facilitate your energy body through the lives you’ve lived that hold the most appropriate information and help you to heal and gain clarity for your now and future.

Allow the super-conscious to heal & answer questions you may have THROUGH YOU.

 In-Person & In Bali Only

my story page 

How did it all begin?

As a former professional classical pianist who has performed throughout Asia, the US & Spain, I had lived in high-pressure environments which inevitably led me to an “episode” in 2012 & sent me to a psych ward in NYC.

What happened before & inside of the Ward initiated my first DEEP spiritual awaking and took me on a 10-year journey to move through different densities and dimensions.

The journey turned me in with the deepest secrets. An immense treasure that lies in my profession as a classical pianist, a well of knowledge about the human energy body.

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything.” – Plato

How do I approach energy work?

Over the last decade, I developed a unique Energetic refinement formula that supports you to create a sustainable life of freedom.

While you may have heard of energy work that shows up in the form of different modalities, we strip The Work down to its core, helping you to cut through the facade to get to the bottom of the HOW directly, so you can apply to your life as soon as possible.

The work drops redundancies in your present energy field. We use your real life experiences to recognize the puzzle pieces of yourself, so you are not only empowered but also reclaim, reestablish the Atlantis of your heart that may be lost, known as the different faces of love. 

Furthermore, we expand your awareness and reveals blindspots in the subconscious that don’t serve your evolution; we help you to prolong harmonic relationships with yourself and others, especially the ones with Source Energy.

The Work guide you with clarity to bridge polarity through clarity that emerges from your Superconscious and connecting dots for your one-of-a-kind soul blueprint.

My clients always move into deeper trust in the Universe. They also become more courageous in taking inspired actions that will support them in their visions & daily life.

A service for the people.

I believe that healing and progress (manifestation) happens simultaneously. Our spiritual growth & practice does not ask us to be out of the world or tell the same stories over and over without transcending the energy within. 

However, sometimes, our souls were unconsciously traumatized & scattered due to family, social, cultural, and ancestral conditioning in different stages of our life.

The mainstream & social media aren’t helping either.

I effortlessly see your multidimensionality and bring it to light to put the misaligned archetypes you held through time & space at rest. 

Healing is inevitable through my method. We address what’s been ignored, neglected & abandoned in your energy body, so you can SHINE like the most exquisite diamond you came here to be. 

The unique service acts as an umbilical cord that holds nutritious information you can revisit at any time in your life.

What does walking yourself home means?

Many of us feel weighed down by negative thoughts and emotions, preventing us from reaching our true potential. But what if you could break free from these patterns and blossom into your most exquisite self?

That's where I come in. I'm dedicated to helping you heal and optimize your energy, so you can live a life that is effortless, heart-leading, and soul-aligned.
Say goodbye to burnout and hello to an exhilarating life. Let me support you in freeing yourself from old patterns and optimizing your time, space and energy.

With our guidance, you'll create more space to connect with your divine essence and fully embrace your unique gifts. Are you ready to take the first step towards a more fulfilling reality?

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to learn about flow

my signature 6-months 1:1 mentorship program

"As within, so without."

The siren magic is The Door to initiate your telepathy ability & change the way you communicate with others.

Are you tired of feeling like you're not fully connecting with your loved ones? Do you want to enhance your communication skills and create a deeper, more meaningful connection with yourself and others?

Imagine being able to effortlessly communicate your thoughts and emotions, and having the ability to connect on a soul level with those matter to you. That's where Siren Magic comes in.

Through our unique approach to speech and sounds, words and phrases, and dynamic mindfulness techniques, we help you unlock your soul's potential and connect with the world in ease.
Our methods are custom designed to support your soul and fractals to connect with more authenticity, integrity, and sensuality.

Don't settle for anything less than a profound and enriching connection with yourself and the world around you.

(and yes, we work with children, too.)

Use Advanced Energy Work To Connect With Your Spiritual Gifts.

The Cosmic Chronicle is a brand new program that focuses on unlocking your spiritual gifts and/or enhancing your existing service through energy optimization & spiritual growth.

We guides you to examine your current practices, refine the way you lead & create abundance with your service with a personalized structure you need. We know you are devoted to your mission. We also know that you're not here to fit in with the crowd – You're here to make a difference.

During our time together, we will walk with you every step of the way to move swiftly into your new heights & thrive in your business / service / product / personal life.

Your are here to play. Play with your authentic soul expression.

Channel your passion to bring more sustainable beauty & change in the world.

Transform your work pace & Career to fit the lifestyle you desire.

Follow the dream & Create synergetic vibe at your business.

I realized my dream of being my own boss & a full-time digital nomad 6 years too late! However, during these 6 years, I've acquired all the necessary tools to guide you become a solopreneur or run your business from afar without having to babysit.

On the other hand, even if you've created a freedom lifestyle for yourself, what's the point if you are still burnt out from your work while being on the beach in Thailand?

Synergetic Collective is a service that dedicates to established business owners & entrepreneurs to prioritize mind, body, and spiritual wellness & let go what no longer serves them.

In Synergetic Collective, we initiate you to align yourself to a more balanced lifestyle.

Do you struggle with chronic emotional, physical or mental circumstances that seem impossible to overcome?

Learning Energy Work is A Simple Solution That Helps Your To Break free from non-stop therapies & Healing.

Living with chronic conditions in the body and mind can be incredibly challenging and limiting. Countless therapies and medications may have provided little to no relief, or worse, the textbook approach and pharmaceutical drugs eventually numbs you to FEEL authentically.

But what if there was a different approach? What if you could transmute your nervous system and mindset to shift your circumstances and create a new reality for yourself?

Our transformative program offers the tools you need to create a vibrant connection with your Vital-Self.

Discover the power of natural healing and experience the divine union of mind, body, and soul. Change your relationships with those around you. Embrace self-love and free yourself from relying on pharmaceutical drugs to heal & transcend your well-being.

Say yes to sacred communion and cherishing yourself more deeply by enrolling in our transformative program today.

General Process

Guiding you to self-empower and transmute your body, mind, and soul to your exquisite, exponential expression elegantly.


Personal Assessment - Interview & Permission

Before we start, I provide my clients with a customized questionnaire through my unique gift of clarity to help us understand your goal, desire, current challenges, and general vibrational state. 

The answers allow me to connect deeper into your field and create more personalized questions that will facilitate our container as a whole. All information given will be kept private as per client privileges. 

With your consent, I use a mix of tools/processes and acknowledge all potential situations that may arise during the program.


Conversational and/or Ceremonial Journey Sessions

We get more clear about your energy body & your field through deep conversations to ensure there’s no misjudgment. I scan your energetic field with my heightened super-awareness (I am splenic authority & feeling cognitive in the HD language) to read your subconscious energy, and we guide you through transmutation in conversation. We check in with your vibrational state to create sustainability (Double opt-in).

How this step may look like depending on the client’s vibrational state and the container of choice.


Full Transparency Guidance & Personalized Energetic Realignment Practice

All containers require your full transparency, so we leave no room to misjudgment & errors. After I have a fuller picture of your lifestyle, challenging circumstances & repetitive scenarios, goals … etc., I provide guidance that’s specific for you to support your off-session practice. 

I believe the REAL magic happens OUTSIDE of the sessions. How Your Work will Show Up (Manifest, Be In effect) For You varies by individual. The Practices will also look different based on clients’ present vibrational states and particular reasons of visit. 

There’s no One Size Fits All.


Integration & Support

In the end of each session, we conclude with what was presented  for you & confirm the simple practices you can bring home to further advance yourself in your new state of being. 

A support Voxer or Telegram line is open for text or voice messages to hold you through your personal practice & the possible situations that may show up between sessions due to the energetic adjustments that happened in our session.

Containers are available in

Single Session / 3 months / 6 months / 9 months

Working on your choice of priorities in:

  • Personal relationships
  • Mental/emotional/physical wellness
  • Intimacy
  • Money, career, business
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs & other forms of energetic attachment

We are Currently calling in people who Desire to:


Work on attachment issues

Re-parenting themselves & support others

establish their own heart-led practice or business (soulpreneurship) to benefit others