Imagine a world where everything falls perfectly into place - where your deepest desires are honored, your spiritual gifts are unlocked, and your path to prosperity is paved with intention.

This is your divine blueprint, and it's waiting for you to embrace it.

Join me on a journey of discovering your multidimensionality, spiritual awakening, and connectivity to LIFE itself, where we'll unveil your true essence and open the doors to a reality of beauty and wonder.

- Joanne Chen

What can I support you with?

Personal Energetic transformation, optimization & Energy balancing

Restructuring your mind, body & soul to maximize Freedom in wellness & business

Relational & Sensual Dynamics Revitalization (Manifest a Specific Person)

system updates & fine tuning for energy workers & lightworkers in service

Sonic healing practice & spiritual gifts initiation

Vitality alignment & nervous system coding

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™ & Channeling

Breathing Yin Somatic Movement

Are you Ready to Walk Yourself Home?

Many of us feel weighed down by negative thoughts and emotions, preventing us from reaching our true potential. But what if you could break free from these patterns and blossom into your most exquisite self?

That's where I come in. I'm dedicated to helping you heal and optimize your energy, so you can live a life that is effortless, heart-leading, and soul-aligned.
Say goodbye to burnout and hello to an exhilarating life. Let me support you in freeing yourself from old patterns and optimizing your time, space and energy.

With our guidance, you'll create more space to connect with your divine essence and fully embrace your unique gifts. Are you ready to take the first step towards a more fulfilling reality?

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Experience The Siren Magic

Are you tired of feeling like you're not fully connecting with your loved ones? Do you want to enhance your communication skills and create a deeper, more meaningful connection with yourself and others?

Imagine being able to effortlessly communicate your thoughts and emotions, and having the ability to connect on a soul level with those matter to you. That's where Siren Magic comes in.

Through our unique approach to speech and sounds, words and phrases, and dynamic mindfulness techniques, we help you unlock your soul's potential and connect with the world in ease.
Our methods are custom designed to support your soul and fractals to connect with more authenticity, integrity, and sensuality.

Don't settle for anything less than a profound and enriching connection with yourself and the world around you.

(and yes, we work with children, too.)

Desire to Create Powerful Impact?

Are you an energy worker or creative artist who's hungry for growth and eager to enhance your existing abilities through energy optimization?

Welcome to Cosmic Chronicle, where we're dedicated to helping you unleash your remembrance and gifts. We know that you're not here to fit in with the crowd – you're here to make a difference. That's why we'll work with you to examine your current practices, refine your unique genius, and refine your service and devotion.

Together, we'll help you to reach new heights of impact and create a thriving practice that reflects your soul expression. Ready to embark on a trip of cosmic evolution? Let's get started with Cosmic Chronicle.

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Looking to elevate your business or workspace to new heights? Come be a part of the Synergetic Collective and discover a transformative experience that will set you apart.

We understand that running a business can be challenging, especially when it comes to balancing the needs of your team, your customers/clients/students, and your own personal well-being. That's what Synergetic Collective is for. It's a service that dedicates to prioritizing mind, body, and spiritual wellness in the workplace and business.

By booking the Synergy Collective, you'll have access to learn powerful tailor-made energy tools to help you remove stuck energies in your service, product, and HR, creating more flow and abundance in your business.

Through our transformative programs and personalized support, you'll learn how to align yourself and your team energetically with vitality, clarity, harmony, and synchronicity, leading to increased productivity, creativity, and overall success.

Experience the power of Synergy Collective for yourself and take the first step towards ease and grace, both personally and professionally. Join today and start creating more flow, harmony, and synchronicity in every area of your world.

Do you struggle with chronic emotional, physical or mental circumstances that seem impossible to overcome?

It's time to break free from non-stop therapies that don't provide real results.

Living with chronic conditions in the body and mind can be incredibly challenging and limiting. Countless therapies and medications may have provided little to no relief, or worse, the textbook approach and pharmaceutical drugs eventually numbs you to FEEL authentically.

But what if there was a different approach? What if you could transmute your nervous system and mindset to shift your circumstances and create a new reality for yourself?

Our transformative program offers the tools you need to create a vibrant connection with your Vital-Self.

Discover the power of natural healing and experience the divine union of mind, body, and soul. Change your relationships with those around you. Embrace self-love and free yourself from relying on pharmaceutical drugs to heal & transcend your well-being.

Say yes to sacred communion and cherishing yourself more deeply by enrolling in our transformative program today.

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Let's team up and make magic happen!

Start your journey by Indulging in a complimentary 20-minute connection call with me, and let's unlock your true potential together.

As a human energy optimization specialist with a deep understanding in multiple disciplines and modalities, I am dedicated to helping you fine-tune your mind, body, and soul.

Whether you're seeking to manage and expand your energy, heal chronic mental or physical conditions, or develop your unique flair and genius as a heart-centered creative, leader or energy worker, I am here to guide you every step of the way.

Join me on this journey to create more equanimity, sustainability, and tenderness in your healing, soulful growth and expansion that manifests in your reality.

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We've had the honor of guiding hundreds of students & clients from both the East and West on their journey towards healing, metamorphosis and transformation since 2008.

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Guidance. Human Design. Collective Energetic Updates.

I'm passionate about helping conscious leaders, creative artists, and energy workers elevate their energy bodies to expand and thrive in their flow.

Hey, this is Joanne. I am a human energy optimization specialist who believes that everyone’s mind, body, and soul are sacred instruments meant to shine in their own unique way.

As an intuitive, holistic wellness advocate, storyteller, facilitator and professional musician, I bring a diverse range of skills and experience to my work.

I works with my students and clients to fine-tune energetics and help them re-create sustainable way to operate their energy by deep diving with them into the core of their true essence. I’m also a clairsentient and uses a magic mix of sonic and somatic approaches to weave dimensions and facilitate healing.

A master of self-healing and creating mindful practices that explodes your potential, I provides my students/clients with customized tools to help them manage and expand in a consistent flow state. One of my favorite services is supporting energy workers and creative artists in developing their unique flare and genius to stand out in how they impact and change the world.

I has supported hundreds of people to learn to heal themselves, including relationship dynamics, weight and appearance shifts, and chronic mental and physical conditions. My aim is for people to walk out of their sessions with an understanding of how they can achieve greater balance, sustainability, and tenderness in their growth and expansion every time. 

As a natural-born entrepreneur, I enjoy guiding heart-centered creatives and leaders in their missions to create positive change, as well as supporting others on their journey towards greater wellness and fulfillment in life. 

I am a certified QHHT facilitator, yin yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. I have dedicated the last 15+ years to help my students & clients to unlock and optimize their potentials in performances and every aspect of daily life through advanced energy work. My work is heavily impacted by Dolores Cannon, Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks. 

I also holds BM & MM degrees from Manhattan School of Music and New York University. My mentors include the sought-after piano pedagogue Dr. Arkady Aronov & the late Juilliard professor Mr. Martin Canin.

Start a compelling soul quest that supports and expands you to be in your Consistent Flow State.

How did I develop my unique Energy transformation system ?

As a former professional classical pianist who has performed throughout Asia, the US & Spain, I had lived in high-pressure environments which inevitably led me to an “episode” in 2012 & sent me to a psych ward in NYC.

What happened before & inside of the Ward initiated my first DEEP spiritual awaking and took me on a 10-year journey to move through different densities and dimensions.

The journey turned me in with the deepest secrets. An immense treasure that lies in my profession as a classical pianist, a well of knowledge about the human energy body.

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything.” – Plato

what's my approach with energy work & frequency transmutation?

Over the last decade, I developed a unique Energetic refinement system that supports you to create a sustainable life of freedom.

It drops redundancies in your present energy field. We elevate your awareness and reveals blindspots in the unconscious that don’t serve your evolution.

We further help you to prolong harmonic relationships with yourself and others, especially the ones with Source Energy.

Our strength is supporting you to bridge polarity through clarity that emerges from your Superconscious and connecting dots for your one-of-a-kind soul blueprint.

My clients always move into deeper trust in the Universe. They also become more courageous in taking meaningful actions.

A service for the people.

Our souls were unconsciously traumatized & scattered due to family, social, cultural, and ancestral conditioning in different stages of our life.

I effortlessly see your multidimensionality and bring it to light & put the misaligned archetypes you held through time & space at rest. 

Healing is inevitable through my method. We address what’s been ignored, neglected & abandoned in your energy body, so you can SHINE like the most exquisite diamond you came here to be. 

The unique service acts as an umbilical cord that holds nutritious information you can revisit at any time in your life.


General Process

Guiding you to self-empower and transmute your body, mind, and soul to your exquisite, exponential expression in grace & elegance.

Below is my general process that supports our journey together.


Personal Assessment - Interview & Permission

Before we start, I provide you a series of customized questions along with a survey through my unique gift of clarity to help us understand your general vibrational state. The answers acts as your permission to allow me connect deeper into your field and create more personalized questions that will facilitate our container as a whole. All information given will be kept private as client privileges. 

With your permission, Joanne may use a mix of tools or process to support the process, as well as acknowledging all potential situations that may arise during the program.


Conversational and/or Ceremonial Journey Sessions

We get more clear about your energy body & your field through deep conversations to ensure there’s no misjudgment. I scan your energetic field with my heightened super-awareness (I am splenic authority & feeling cognitive in the HD language) to read your subconscious energy, and we guide you through transmutation in conversation. We check in with your vibrational state to create sustainability (Double opt-in).

How this step may look like depending on the client’s vibrational state and the container of choice.


Full Transparency, Verbal & Sound Guidance & Tailored Made Energetics Realignment Practice

All containers require your full transparency, so we leave no room to misjudgment & errors. After I have a fuller picture of your lifestyle, challenging circumstances & repetitive scenarios, goals … etc., I provide guidance that’s specific for you to support your off-session practice. 

I believe the REAL magic happens OUTSIDE of the sessions. How Your Work will Show Up (Manifest, Be In effect) For You varies by individual. The Practices will also look different based on clients’ present vibrational states and particular reasons of visit. 

There’s no One Size Fits All.


Integration & Support

In the end of each session, we conclude with what was presented  for you & confirm the simple practices you can bring home to further advance yourself in your new state of being. 

A support Voxer or Telegram line is open for text or voice messages to hold you through your personal practice & the possible situations that may show up between sessions due to the energetic adjustments that happened in our session.

"Embark on A thriving path that ever flourishes."

Uncovering your spiritual gift and optimizing your energy is a journey of remembrance. I believe that every individual has an innate potential waiting to be unleashed, and my mission is to help my clients remember their power and create a thriving path that ever flourishes.

Through a mix of guided meditation, visualization, mindful breathing, custom energy tools & practices, voice activation, I will help you restore trapped and misaligned energies in your energy field and body. Together, we will create a safe, clear, clean, and nourishing space where you can unlock your potential and ground deeper in your new state of being. Let’s work together to optimize your energy and live a more fulfilling life with higher impact.

Connect with Joanne.
Share your challenges & aspirations.
Let's get to know each other!

our Pricing and service page is coming soon!

You can also get a service quote by describing your current circumstance in direct message.

Start a chat with me in person by clicking the link right over here!

I can't wait to hear from you and help you out.

Containers are available in

Single Session / 3 months / 6 months / 9 months

Working on your choice of priorities in:

  • Personal relationships
  • Mental/emotional/physical wellness
  • Intimacy
  • Money, career, business
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs & other forms of energetic attachment

We are Currently calling in people who Desire to:


Work on attachment issues

Re-parenting themselves & support others

establish their own heart-led practice or business (soulpreneurship) to benefit others

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)℠

QHHT is a technique developed by Dolores Cannon over the span of 40+ years.

It initiates a journey that takes you into the most profound trance state of your body – The somnambulistic state. 

Under this state, we connect you with the only SOURCE ENERGY. We walk with your energy body through the past lives that hold the most appropriate information that helps you to heal and gain clarity in the present moment.

Allow the super-conscious to heal & answer questions you may have THROUGH YOU.

We have ONLY a few more FREE SPOTS LEFT if you desire to experience this powerful healing experience.

 In-Person & In Bali Only