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Advanced Energy Work & Transformation through Quantum Phyisics (Universal Laws – Law of Vibration & Attraction); Human Design, Gene Keys, Tao Philosophy, and Breathing Yin. 

About Joanne

A professional classical pianist of 20+ years and avid travel blogger turned energy work teacher, revealing the secret of the Universe and helping you to return to your authentic self through music, bodywork, mindset shift, Human Design, Gene Keys and more.

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Hi There, I am Joanne. 

I am a teacher, a writer, an energy bodyworker, a hypnotist, a practitioner, and a classically trained professional pianist.

A third culture kid who has left the guardianship of my parents since I was 14, I dreamed of having esoteric experiences when I was very young (north node in Pisces). I have always been fascinated by parallel realities, time travel, magic, lives before and after death, extraterrestrials, and the human psyche. Although the seeker within me never died, like most people, I followed societal, religious, and cultural programming that’s not designed for our human potential and deemed everything I was dreaming of as a fantasy.

And, of course, if you have ever said phrases like “I don’t vibe with that” or “That’s my vibe,” you know energy talk is not fake or pure woo woo. We indeed live in a holographic world based on the studies of quantum physics. 

In 2012, a heartbreak left me in a very vulnerable state. I was bypassing many shadows by smoking marijuana. While it was a co-dependent addiction, it also took me back to the spiritual path that’s free of religion. I began to look for answers since everything I believed was falling apart, especially in my intimate relationship.

However, you’ve probably heard people say, “It’s not falling apart; it’s falling together.” – I started receiving clear messages energetically and interpreting signs effortlessly. My consciousness suddenly expanded in unconditional love. Working with my piano students, I could feel people’s energy and see where it could be rewired and realigned. What people call cognitive psychology today was directly downloaded into my knowledge bank, and I began to practice it on my students intuitively.

The heartbreak had led to my first spiritual awakening, but the experience landed me in the psych ward, and my time in the ward revealed my path onward. I eventually let go of all the professional opportunities and invitations I cultivated in NYC for a decade and embarked on a new journey of self-inquiry and world travel. 

Today, I live happily in an environment that supports me in thriving. I work with all I have passion for and embody absolute freedom. Of course, the last 12 years weren’t all cotton candy and unicorns, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else because my experiences led me to remember What I Am. It also guided me to research, study, and cultivate the massive system woven by multiple modalities I use today, which I’ve mastered and continue to improve.

I am living proof of the transformation I am here to be of service towards.

Our human body is the highest technology (at least on this earth), and the Divine Human Grid is the fruit of this journey of excavating this story. Deep down at my core, I believe that when more souls integrate an understanding of how energy works in their humans, more people can act in their authentic godhood and heal themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. More beings can be in their natural flow, based on the masculine scientific calculation and the gentle feminine balance.

When you work with me, you will not be fed fantasies but guided to a path that combines spirituality and practicality to come home to your body, spirit, and soul. You will realize that you are meant to live a vital, joyful life through being you. All of this is possible.

So this is your invitation to join me in gently awakening yourself. If you are here, it may be time to accept that you are a god.

Let me walk you home together.

With love,

How did it all begin?

As a classically trained professional pianist who has performed throughout Asia, the US, and Spain, I used to live under high pressure, which inevitably led me to an “episode” in 2012 and sent me to a psych ward in NYC.

What happened before and inside the Ward initiated my first profound spiritual awakening and took me on a journey to decode the laws of the Universe through the mechanics of music. In the process, I found Human Design and Gene Keys and reconnected with my Taoist cultural background. Having grown up in a Christian family and moved to the US as a third-culture kid, it was a process to bridge the East and West within me, but it was a rewarding path. 

The path not only revealed but continued to show me the immense treasure and truth hidden in plain sight, a well of knowledge about the simple yet complex nature of the human energetic field and how our physical body is an exquisite piece of technology that has the ability to access multiple dimensions and different realities effortlessly through advanced quantum energy work. 

My Human Design bodygraph

I am a 2/4 splenic projector with an Incarnation Right Cross of Service 3 (18/17 52/58)

With my personality sun in the 18th gate and the design sun in the 52nd gate, I see the precise frequencies within you that can be realigned and changed in every moment through a way that transmits stillness and opens up portals (personality earth 17) for my clients and those who engage with me. 

Having a 4th line design body, I lean towards word of mouth through my network. 

My 2nd line personality wants to be “called out” to share my talent and work. I spend a lot of time alone.

My strategy is to wait for invitations. I don’t give my opinions on a personal level or service unless asked. My signature is success. 

With a first-color fear motivation and the 58th gate in my unconscious earth, along with the rest of my bodygraph, I am motivated to help others establish a strong foundation in lifestyle and holistic wellness to support absolute freedom and vitality.