Change Your Reality effortlessly through embodying your divinity and authentic self.

Advanced Energy Work & Transformation through Quantum Phyisics (Universal Laws – Law of Vibration & Attraction); Human Design, Gene Keys, Tao Philosophy, and Breathing Yin. 


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Advanced Quantum Energy Work: Mindset / Emotions / Feelings

Human Design & Gene Keys

Digital Nomad / Freedom Lifestyle / Abundance & Money

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Are you ready to pivot and create new possibilities in all areas of your life?

Deep down in your soul, you know you are not meant to pay bills, subject yourself to unconscious social programs, climb ladders and die. You know you don’t fit in wherever you go, and you are here to play and to create impacts – However that may look like for you. You know there’s more to life, and you’re ready to elevate your game …. I am here to be the guide that gives you personalized tools along the way, teaches you how to use them to stay in your power and see change in less than 6 months. 

Who's Joanne?

Meet Joanne, a seasoned mentor who has been using her expertise in music to develop a unique approach to healing and manifestation. Over the past ten years, she has perfected her method based on energetic principles and the ancient philosophy of Tao, allowing her clients to experience both healing & attracting their dream life simultaneously.

Joanne has a vast knowledge base that spans various topics, including human relational dynamics, energetics, bodywork, and incarnation. She is a Splenic Projector with RAX Service 3 and a professional pianist who enjoys exploring her creative side by developing graphics and websites.

In her free time, Joanne indulges in delicious high-vibration vegan food and hangs out with her furry companion, Tofu.