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Advanced Energy Work & Transformation through Quantum Phyisics (Universal Laws – Law of Vibration & Attraction); Human Design, Gene Keys, Tao Philosophy, and Breathing Yin. 

About Joanne’s Work

An overview

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How do I personally approach energy work and how do I help my clients with it?

Energy work is a generic term encompassing multiple modalities, such as Reiki. Most people may associate energy work with bodywork that doesn’t concern the mind, which I disagree with.

Over the last decade, I developed a unique Energetic refinement formula and system based on my expertise in the Law of Attraction and Vibration, Human Design, Gene Keys, Breathwork, Shadow Work, Yin Yoga, Quantum Hypnosis, and Meditation. 

Working with me will help you sustain the specific mechanism of Your Energy Flow based on your bodygraph and mind’s mechanics, creating a sustainable life of freedom and vitality that facilitates the lifestyle you desire.

My Work involves a wide range of multiple systems that I’ve mastered and continued to improve. When we work together, we not only get clear with your intention and what’s necessary for you, but we go straight to your core and purpose, helping you cut through the facade and get to the bottom of the HOW directly so you can consistently apply it to your daily life and reveal the diamond within you that is ready to shine.

I focus on your real-life experiences to help your authentic self “come online,” namely your subconscious (design), conscious (personality), and connection with your superconscious.

When we work together, you are empowered, but you also get someone who can understand you profoundly. You get someone on your side who’s not afraid to tell you what needs to be released so you can decondition and dismantle beliefs that no longer serve you swiftly.

When we work together, we deliberately expand your awareness through multiple tools and reveal blindspots in the subconscious that don’t serve your evolution;

We help you receive, regenerate, or prolong harmonic relationships with yourself and others, including your business, especially the connection with Source Energy.

I am excited to guide you to clarify your purpose and feel confident in your life’s journey. My clients continuously develop a deep trust in themselves and the Universe and practical skills they can use to “troubleshoot” or elevate their practice further.

They become more courageous in taking inspired actions to support them in their visions & daily lives, start attracting better, and become more aligned with what they are by design. 

My Work is A service for people.

I believe that healing and living your dream life can happen simultaneously. It is for everyone. As someone who has suffered from the big pharma industry, I encourage natural healing, especially on the psychiatric front, and I tread this very carefully. 

One of the keys to transform yourself physically, materialistically, mentally and physically is knowing who you are and begin to differentiate yourself from other people. 

What’s your goal and what are other people’s purpose?
What are you and what are the imprints you took from others?

Our spiritual growth goes hand in hand with our material and personal evolution. As one of my teachers said, “life loves us so much that it brings up [c]hallenges and shadows for us to see and transmute.”

This life invites us to interact with the world and learn to transcend our internal energy so that the world can reflect what you are by default. 

In addition, sometimes, our souls may feel scattered or weak due to family, social, cultural, and ancestral conditioning at different stages of life. The mainstream & social media aren’t helping either. We don’t only feed ourselves with food. We also feed ourselves when we engage with others and receive information. 

My unique service acts as an umbilical cord that holds nutritious information you can revisit anytime.

Healing or change internally and externally are inevitable during our time together. We address the ignored, neglected, hidden and abandoned frequencies. My clients can usually sustain their innate power mindfully while expanding their awareness and thriving after they have worked with me.


Private Coaching
Private Reading
Private Mentorship

Activate your new level of energetic shift in ease & clarity through personal guidance, self-empowered practices, Breathing Yin, tailored meditation, Gene Keys, and Human Design.

Tender Business Coaching

Running and building a business doesn’t require burnout. If nothing you’ve tried has helped you stabilize yourself in moving through all the challenges in your entrepreneurship, book a discovery call with Joanne to learn more.

Details coming soon or learn more via FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, I offer:

  • Single 45-minute or 90-minute session for Human Design / Gene Keys Reading or Energy Refinement Coaching.
  • Short-term/long-term 1:1 mentorship for up to 6 months or longer is available upon special request. Long-term mentorship over 6 months is available for further education, spiritual growth, or a full-on makeover for your total lifestyle shift.
  • QHHT Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (1:1 and in-person only).
  • Tender Relationship / Lifestyle coaching (Bi-Weekly).
  • Tender business coaching coming soon.


*Please contact me directly for further details at this moment.

Yes. I offer a 45-minute trial session that includes 30 minutes of working together and 15 minutes of explaining how to proceed.

Each person is eligible for one trial session.

This is case by case. I often say the only thing that’s in our way is ourselves. It depends on whether one is using the session for information or for implementation and integration.

If you are advanced in doing inner work and often see quick changes in your reality, a 45-minute reading may be enough.

For those who are new to doing energy work themselves, I recommend a 90-minute mini journey with me or signing up for a short-term coaching package.

You can also join my free Telegram community if you want to interact with me first and learn more about my service or book a free discovery call to see what suits you.

Don’t worry. I am not interested in keeping you unless I see your potential—and that’s only if you want to learn my trade and advance your skill as an energy worker 😉.

Due to the amount of energy transmitted during each session, it’s in a QHHT practitioner’s protocol that we are not supposed to host the session via the Internet to ensure a clear connection. In addition, performing a session online will require a professional camera and sound setup on the client’s end for me to ensure the client’s energetic safety. It’s not ideal.

You need to do no specific number of QHHT to have a successful session. Since everyone comes for a different purpose and has questions, some people healed what they came for in one session, while another took a year and a half to realize the messages transmitted and given during the session.

It all depends on how much you commit to the process, which I share on the QHHT page.

I have had four sessions with another practitioner in three years. Each time, I understand the trajectory of my life’s purpose more.

If you are not in Bali and cannot work with me, you can find another suitable practitioner via the QHHT official website. Otherwise, you can sign up for my single-session energy refinement coaching.

Please note that anyone who claims they can offer a QHHT service online is not providing a QHHT session but something else they came up with on their own. 

I am not a therapist or a licensed doctor, but I educate.

However, I had former clients report to me that they have healed themselves from insomnia and depression through my teachings or after they’ve worked with me.

I’ve healed myself from depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia as I was “diagnosed.” (By the way, the aspect is actually in my chart).

I’ve had a client who was prescribed to inject himself with testosterone daily, and he stopped using it after 3 sessions while healing his work and intimate relationship.

I’ve had another client who is a traditional Chinese medicine student studying for a clinical license and dropped her TCM intake for the menstruation cycle after working with me.

My students and clients usually advance positively quickly, but there are always exceptional cases. That’s the goal. My primary concern is ensuring that no harm is caused in the process and that you are not being pushed into doing anything you’re not ready for.

On the other hand, the client must be coachable and willing to try new ways of thinking, including implementing new behaviors.

You’re entirely accountable for your progress if you want to deal with what has already manifested in the physical as a “severe” case or other deep-rooted beliefs.

In Tender Business Coaching, I prioritize looking into your lifestyle and how you can better integrate your work and business into your life. Is your business structure serving the lifestyle you want to live?

As a former freelancer and now an entrepreneur myself, I look into your brand, your current clientele, and your audience, as well as how your business is serving you in the grander scheme of things.

We can investigate whether you are eligible to scale energetically and expand your nervous system to hold more cash in your field.

In addition, I support you in realigning or elevating your current work and in determining whether it aligns with you based on your Gene Keys and Human Design charts.

Tender Business Coaching is by application only. I can only work with businesses that don’t harm nature, other species, or humankind. Nutritional, fitness, and health coaches who support animal eating habits are out of the question unless there is an intention to change. I have connections with a vegan naturopath and health coach whom I trust. As a healthy vegan for 5 years, I can refer you for further education.

Yes and no. I don’t work with Tarot. At least not yet.

I don’t put names on energy that came through in sessions unless necessary. 

I can suggest crystals if requested, but that’s not my main focus. I can also refer you to another expert.

While I believe in spirit guides and other assistance and respect higher power very much, I want my clients to stand in their power and connect with their superconsciousness as “ Divine Humans” rather than using outside resources as crutches.

For the starseeds experience, while I have had an intense journey with that aspect of life, in my study and research, none of us came from a specific single planetary origin. In addition, many of us have lived different lives on different planets. If a client wants to channel or start channeling during the session, I assist and have had authentic experiences. Still, I don’t initiate any of those unless I get heavily prompted by a legitimate source.

As someone who grew up at a church that performed exorcism while living in a culture that’s no stranger to reincarnation and incarnation, I have been cautious with what I work with since I picked up this work, both seen and unseen, and I intend to keep it that way.

You will have a credit towards a second reading after you’ve booked an initial reading or a trial session. The credit is also applicable to my coaching and mentorship.

I have a 6-month signature program that includes (8) 60-90 min sessions + out-session Telegram voice/text support that I’ve been improving and running for over 4 years. The planned distance between each session gives you enough room to experiment and integrate the teaching while getting proper support when you need it.

For those seeking a shorter commitment, I have a 2-month short-term program. This program is perfect for those who want to learn, understand and work with the law of attraction & vibration. It includes (4) 60-minute sessions with valuable insights and practical exercises based on your circumstances.

In addition, I have a four-month tailored private intensive program that uses Human Design and Gene Keys, which will soon be available to the public.

Please excuse me for renovating the website. I do not have all the details available to the public, but feel free to email or message me directly or book a free discovery call.

You can specify your intention and which you are curious to know more about, and I will send you the details, including the fees.

This is only available to my Mandarin-speaking students now as it’s full-on over there, but there are requests from my international audience, so I hope to host one soon.

Meanwhile, you can join my free Telegram community or follow my Instagram Channel. I regularly post energy work tips and information about human design/gene keys there.

You can also check out my website, as I’ve recently started sharing more in-depth content on my blog.

The Booster Catalyst: Unleash Your Business Potential with Tailored Coaching

THE BOOSTER CATALYST is a two-month container that helps you detect the unconscious mental & emotional blocks you may be experiencing with your business & re-establish the missing links between your well-being, and adjust how you approach your work. 

In BOOSTER CATALYST, we focus on your circumstance in your work and business to guide you through hands-on methods created for you. You will receive the following:

  • A personalized, pre-session evaluation survey 
  • 30~45 minutes weekly session x 6 that must be used within 60 days. 
  • Telegram voice & text message support (T&C applies)
  • Post-program 2-week support
  • Access to continuity program ($400 USD discount)

The Exquisite

Your experiences matter, but your circumstances don’t. 

A 3-month container that brings you from confusion to clarity in how energy works in your specific circumstance, human body, and how the larger you corresponds with Source Energy (higher-self, god, higher-intelligence, the universe, etc…)

Immediate application to your daily life & shift your mindset, emotions & creations with foundational work.

  • 1 Holistic Wellness Assessment Call
  • 4 private 1:1 sessions
  • 90 days of Telegram support

The Delicacy:
Quantum Leap Through Organic Growth

A 3+6 months container for those who are ready to make Sustainable Big Move. Detoxify your subconscious blocks that don’t align with freedom & unconditional love. Create massive transformation and bring out the everlasting impact you are here to imprint into our collective consciousness. 

  • Everything in The Exquisite
  • Personal Holistic Wellness & Energetics Assessment
  • Pre-session customized guidance
  • Alignment Action Plan
  • 1x meet-your-guide journey session +11 private sessions
  • 180 days of Telegram support 

Book a 30 min connection & elevation session


The Vortex:
The Divine Human Receivership

Commit to radical transparency & integrity, fine tune your intuition & allow your mind to be your faithful servant to effortlessly shape your world. 

Allow me to be your clearest mirror and guide you beyond.

This is a 12-month container for self-led humans who live in their dream realities & desire to receive the next level of expansion through my vortex & effortless implementation.

Grow & quantum shift in elegance outside of the linear timeline with your unique blueprint.

Unlock you infinite potential in safety while taking risk – elevate your holistic well-being that will extend gracefully into your physical reality.

  • Everything in Delicacy & Exquisite
  • 12 private sessions
  • 1-year Telegram support

*This container is currently only available for former clients