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Advanced Energy Work & Transformation through Quantum Phyisics (Universal Laws – Law of Vibration & Attraction); Human Design, Gene Keys, Tao Philosophy, and Breathing Yin. 

Bona Fide – In-Depth Human Design Keynote 1:1 Session & Mini Journey


It’s more than a reading – We make human design digestible without manipulating the original language.

Feeling your life needs a different outlook with more sustainable grounding? Set up a solid energetic foundation, reveal your purpose and authentic self: Tailor-made with care.


Infused with years of energy work expertise and Gene Keys, the Human Design service is a unique, powerful 1:1 session that targets crucial elements for both Human Design newbies and intermediate practitioners in their chart for a solid foundation. It guides you to receive clarity in your intricacy as a human being. Feel alive more than ever, and begin your experiment in grace. Live your design and elevate your deconditioning process correctly.

Rebalance your energy centers, integrate your energetic pillars, and return your vehicle to its authentic mechanics. The 45-minute Keynote Session (live) will give you all the essential foundational embodiment. The 90-minute Mini Journey includes everything in the Keynote Session and will guide you with further Human Design education and coaching to support you in returning to the original way your energetics flow.

Please scroll down to learn more about your Human Design 45-minute Keynote Session and 90-minute Mini Journey plans and how we use your authentic mechanics to support you in living in your vitality.

Authority types. Human Design BodyGraph. bodygraph chart design

Start your Human Design journey in clarity to optimize your deconditioning process

In my years of working with others who have downloaded a free chart somewhere or taken a few introductory courses from Instagram coaches, even “official” schools, I’ve observed that the most common issue is that they don’t know what to do with their chart based on the information given. When you work with me, you don’t only get information. You get an education that will serve you forever.

Get a clear glance at the fundamental elements in your Human Design bodygraph

Unlike the typical reading report, my keynote session and mini Journey target the pillars of your bodygraph to help you understand your chart as efficiently as possible. You will be able to apply and understand your overall human design mechanics with ease.​

Human Design. quantum physics. Law of attraction. Gene Keys.

Receive a tailored report with customized details

Understand how to realize your purpose and your life’s work through a consolidation with Gene Keys, Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction, and a set of bodywork based on your intentions. ​

Focus on your primary concern, reshape your base frequency, and attract differently

I guide the session using your specific questions or unique moment circumstances, making it relevant for you to connect the dots, understand the Human Design language, and integrate your new level.

Human Design foundation. Human Design Decondition. Human Design Process

Track your Transformation progress with a follow-up 1:1 Zoom meeting to minimize confusion

I want to help you make your Human Design experiential journey and effortlessly realize your authentic self. In our Mini Journey together, I offer a 30-minute extra follow-up time on the 10th day after the session to help you wrap things up and move onward. ​

Integrate the session on a vibrational level with private support.

Ask questions anytime post-session via private text/voice Telegram messages to clarify anything you want about the session and the knowledge you are curious about around Human Design.

Understand how to utilize your strategy and authority with your bodygraph

If you don’t know what to do with the free Human Design chart you downloaded online or feel like you’ve been hitting a wall in your deconditioning process after knowing your type, my session is for you. The keynote and mini journey aim to give you as much clarity as possible and help you “operate” yourself in a way that works based on your design.

Further education on chart interpretation

You will get the foundational education on how to read your chart and interpret it based on the wisdom I gathered from my experiment and my learning in the last 8+ years, so you know the potential ups and downs and how to stay true to your strategy and authority while getting to know yourself on an intricate level.​

Learn about your coach.

Get a free chart here.



The 45-Minute Clarity Keynote Session


Human Deisgn 45-minute private Clarity Session product image

Made for Individuals who want a solid foundation for their Human Design mechanics, deconditioning, and experiment.

[A 4-Part quick training and customized report on working with your body’s intelligence, strategy & authority to stabilize your soul.]

Human Design Quantum Data Summary on Your Energy Type, Profile, Authority & Strategy, and Your 9 Energy Centers
Body & Mind Keynote for Main Channels
Story Line Keynote; Brand / Life’s Work Keynote
Determination (PHS/Diet), Determination & Environment Suggestions
🎁 Bonus: Incarnation Cross / Gene Key Purpose Keynote
Zoom Recording
Future Credits*


The 90-Minute Bona Fide Mini Journey


Human Deisgn 90-minute private Bona Fide Session product image

Receive a more in-depth Human Design education and understand your divine intricacy.

[Everything in the 45-minute with coaching + a follow-up, other secret sauce, integration & and embodiment support.]

Everything in the 45-Minute Keynote Session
10-Day Post-Session Telegram Support
30-Minute 1:1 Follow Up*
Energy Flow, Variable (Arrows) & Transference  Keynote
Brain & Mind Frequency Re-Alignment Coaching
🎁 Bonus: Gene Keys Attraction Keynote
🎁 Bonus: Gene Keys Vocation Keynote

I know myself pretty well. Why would I need a Human Design Keynote Session?

We are all exquisite beings, and the universe separates itself to create mystery with each of us, prompting us to explore so it can get to know itself. Our vehicle is the highest technology on this plane, and only a few people understand how to operate theirs correctly. Most people follow generic “scientific research” that could be manipulated by corporate companies and governments. Due to social and cultural conditioning, people subscribe to how they should behave based on other people’s opinions.

Before I met Human Design, I thought I knew myself well. I went so deep into astrology that I felt I knew enough to get by. However, it turned out that parts of the “i” I knew were just my ego. I believed I needed to compromise due to what I learned from programming.

In addition, Human Design gave me a pathway to understanding all my “buttons and switches.” What I thought to be my “pet peeves” were just my design. I accepted myself quickly and other people more graciously, not only because I love their uniqueness but also because I understand them on a mechanical level.

I don’t enjoy pulling the age card, but I’ve also found out that the longer I’ve been on earth in this physical vehicle, the more I see how my personality used to get stuck in my not-self (ego) when I was younger and thought that was “me.” Human Design helped to put things into perspective, allowing me to be myself and flow my energy more correctly. I want to transmit this intricate road map to those interested in a new level of self-understanding.


Is Human Design fortune telling?

No, and no.

However, when combining Gene Keys / Astrology with a specific house system, we can see the gate/key where your fortune rests.


How is this different from astrology, and what do you think about sidereal calculation or Cosmic Human Design?

Human Design is a giant organism that incorporates multiple ancient systems, including Chinese I-Ching, Rave knowledge by Ra Uru Hu (the founder of HD), astrology, the Jewish Kaballah (The Tree of Life), and quantum physics. It’s a detailed calculation with billions of probabilities larger than astrology.

The astrological aspect of Human Design uses the Tropical and Equal House System. It’s particular. Astrology can vary depending on whether you use Sidereal or Tropical and your house system.

As for Cosmic Human Design, it’s none of the above. Some find it helpful that it “helps them in the 5D,” but I find it a distraction that gets people too involved in their heads.

For Sidereal, Aside from the fact that it’s interesting to explore, I’ve seen people feel that they identify with it more because it gives them “more power.” For example, a generator would want to identify as a projector more because of their beliefs around the projector energy type. Whatever rocks their boats. The same applies to Cosmic Human Design – A projector led to believe that they don’t have the energy to do things consistently may feel more empowered if they are “diagnosed” as a manifesting generator. If these reasons were why you are looking into the calculation systems, I can help you to set up a more solid foundation in which you’ll feel glad to have your bodygraph.


I am a Law of Attraction practitioner. How does Human Design fit into the picture if I already know I attract everything? ​

Your bodygraph explains HOW you attract your reality based on your design. It enhances your ability to attract and stop taking unnecessary actions that are not “inspired,” as Abraham Hicks would say.


How long have you been “doing this?”

Human Design is about transforming yourself back to yourself. According to Ra Uru Hu, it’s a seven-year cellular deconditioning process. However, my experience working with clients through Human Design has been that if you have done some decent inner work and are self-aware, the seven-year process is only for those who have no experience in any type of spiritual personal growth work.

I found Human Design in 2013/14 and entered my experiment.

I gave up the experiment in 2 “16 du” to “only” and” “freedom,” but at the same time, I was still aware of my strategy and authority. “Giving up” was a part of the process.

I picked it back up again in 2019.

I started to study in-depth in 2020/21.

I began incorporating Human Design into my 1:1 energy work programs in 2021. I have been guiding others to work with energy since 2012.

I got “pulled back” in my process because I believed someone selling Human Design and business would know more than I did about my deconditioning process in 2022; however, that made me consider offering a stand-alone Human Design service. The experience also added Gene Keys to my knowledge and practice.

I started teaching Human Design classes in a group program in 2022.

How long in advance do I need to book my session?

We cannot accommodate same-day bookings since all reports are handcrafted and prepared individually. However, we’re more than happy to assist you with your booking for a future date.

For the 90-minute Mini Journey, please allow at least 2~5 days for preparation after we receive the full payment.

For the 45-minute Keynote Session, please allow 2~3 days for preparation after we’ve received the full payment.

You can always book early for up to a month in advance if available.

Can I book your session for my children?

Yes. However, the parents must be present WITH the child during the meeting.


How do billing and scheduling work, and do you provide payment plans?​

Our primary currency is USD. You can pay via Transfer Wise, USDT (crypto), or Credit Card. We also accept Euro upon request.

Please specify in “NOTE” or contact me about my USDT address for crypto.

As soon as I receive your full payment, I will send you the availability and a Zoom meeting link to your session via the email you’ve entered.

You will receive my private Telegram handle if you book the Mini journey.

Payment Plans are only available for up to 2x bi-weekly installments with a 3% surcharge. We only schedule a session once we’ve received the full payment. Please email for a customized payment link.


What is your cancellation, refund & rescheduling policy?

Due to the preparation process, there’s no refund. Each Client gets up to 2x reschedules, including 1x emergency / last-minute rescheduling (within 12 hours). Emergency / last-minute rescheduling (within 12 hours) is subject to a $25 reschedule fee or if the Client has exceeded the rescheduled quota.

If the Client decides to cancel the entire booking, they are entitled to a 30% cash refund. Our policy ensures fairness and transparency in all our transactions.

If the Service Provider exceeds the 2x rescheduling quota or 1x last-minute rescheduling quota, the Client is entitled to a $25 refund.

Additional information


45-Minute Clarity Keynote Session, 90-Minute Bona Fide Mini Journey + 10-Day Guidance


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