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Advanced Energy Work & Transformation through Quantum Phyisics (Universal Laws – Law of Vibration & Attraction); Human Design, Gene Keys, Tao Philosophy, and Breathing Yin. 


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠

QHHT is a technique developed by Dolores Cannon for over 40+ years. Signing up for a QHHT session initiates a journey to have a conversation with your Bigger Self, a guardian, or the collective consciousness—”THEM”— while becoming aware of what past life templates from another dimension potentially shape your present circumstance. 

The session will take you into your body’s deepest trance state, the somnambulistic state when you are open to guidance from the unknown. 

Under the somnambulistic state, we facilitate your energy body by helping you transmit information. You will be the one who taps into the lives you’ve lived with the most appropriate information that is important to move you onward in this lifetime, help you heal, and gain clarity for your past, now, and future.

It’s a journey of allowing and giving permission to the super-conscious to heal & answer questions you may have THROUGH YOU.

 In-Person Only due to the amount of energy that’s transmuted during the session to avoid internet connection dropping.

Alternatively, I modify the method to facilitate my mentorship clients so that it can be conducted via video call, which is no longer QHHT but what I called a lucid dream guidance practice as there are many factors that plays into condicting a successful quantum healing hypnosis session. 

Joanne is a certified QHHT practitioner & Seasoned mentor who has a well-structured procedure in working under a 1:1 setting while following the code of ethics for QHHT hypnotists accordingly.

General Procedure for having a QHHT session with  Joanne

Please read the below carefully before you book a session.

  • Length of the session: The whole process takes up to 4.5 hours, but it may go longer in some cases.

    The suggested session length includes three sections. The session begins with an interview that leads to the official hypnosis segment and is supported by a final integration before you go home.

    This ensures you leave the session with proper grounding and the necessary information for the aftermath.

  • Dress code: Wear comfortable clothing. Your body will be going into a deep hypnotic state called somnambulistic, and you may get cold. A sarong or blanket will be provided during the session. Plus, it’s always nice to be as comfy as possible.
  • After the session: I recommend NOT to schedule an event on the day of your session, as it would be most beneficial to proceed with your QHHT without the pressure of time.

    If you have other scheduled events afterward, please inform the practitioner beforehand.

  • The session day has three parts. After you have confirmed your booking for a session, you will receive a detailed preparation guideline.

  • Complimentary (Optional) Service: If you want me to use human design and/or Gene Keys to support your integration process, please send me your date, time, and city of birth.

    Your Human Design or Gene Keys chart is only read after the hypnosis and during the integration to avoid digression, prejudice, and assumption.

  • Recording: Your hypnosis session will be recorded for your safekeeping, and it is recommended that you listen to it daily for 3-7 days after the session is completed. Session recordings are only kept for the practitioner’s research, and the data is usually terminated after 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

This varies case by case. Usually, the transformation and healing is immediate. Clients have reported to feel renewed 1 day after the session, especially if they follow the protocol.

In some situations, it may take 6~9 months as the information you receive during the session can take time for the puzzle pieces to come together.

According to Dolores Cannon, it should be a one-off session, but for some people, their past lives storyline have much to explore and may require more than 1 session as it’s not safe to put someone under a sonmabuelistic state for more than 2 hours.

My personal experience is I’ve had 4 sessions in the course of 2.5 years. Each time gave me more clarity to the previous one, and, of course, how many sessions one require for their personal circumstances will depend on the state of mind a client is in and depend on the practitioner you work with. 

Officially 1.5 years with QHHT.

However, I’ve been conducting different forms of hypnosis consciously as a mentorship method and public work for as long as I can remember.

As much as I can try to make you feel safe during the process, as Dolores Cannon had mentioned in my training, there’s no reason for you, as a seeker for answers, to stab yourself in the back.

As a QHHT practitioner, my attention is 100% on you during the session. My responsbility is to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. 

I am also trained to avert any potential danger when the subject is under hypnosis. 

Your past life will not affect your present life. The information we gather during the session is to help you understand your circumstances better, including your interview. This is our protocol. 

Therefore, keep an open heart and have the intention to share as much your personal details when you come. Don’t worry about being “too much.” You are in safe hands.

You can, but it won’t be as effective as this already entails a less-than-open-mind and a lack of trust, I am sorry to say. 

Obviously, you don’t need to talk about the things you don’t want to talk about, and you have no reason to trust me since we may have never met, but as a QHHT practitioner, I respect the subconscious/superconscious.

If there’s a conscious or unconscious guard or a wall in your mind, another procedure may be needed before we start the official session interview.  

The interview is designed to help me to understand who you are, so I can ask effective questions during your hypnosis, as well as helping you to relax. 

And please feel free to ask me any questions regarding QHHT “before” we meet and do your own research. I will answer as much as I can to help you through the process.

Yes. There’s no refund once the payment is processed. I have very high success rate (92%) to bring my clients fully under. Though it is also not your fault or “something is wrong with you” that you didn’t go under.

I will explain in the next question.

No. There’s nothing “wrong” with you, and YES, the session is still useful and it did not fail.

The chances are, you may have a very active left brain that tend to seek for logic, especially if you are experiencing the unknown, which usually belongs to the creative right brain. 

In QHHT, we help you to access the area of your mind that holds pictures, symbols and the appropriate information you need at this time. 

If you feel like there’s a potential you cannot get under but still feel drawn to this modality, you might be in for something else. 

Trusting your innate urge and the guidance of the Universe is the most important element for any type of energy work. 


You are subjected to a 50% refund if you’ve changed your mind. This only applies if you specifically booked a QHHT session. 

I normally do a follow-up a week or 2 after the session that provides space for possible questions. However, the hypnotist-client relationship ends afterwards unless there are other agreements in place.

email me with the below information -
1. Name
2. Email
3. Budget (For QHHT, I charge on a sliding scale)
4. How long are you in Bali for and provide at least 3~7 possible dates, and;
5. What do you desire to achieve with QHHT
at directly.

Code of Ethics for QHHT Hypnotists

All Hypnotists shall help maintain the integrity and competence of the Hypnosis Profession by agreeing to abide by the following code of professional ethics.

  • I conduct sessions at all times professionally within a professional setting.
  • I consider all federal, state, and local laws and regulations concerning the practice of hypnosis.
  • All matters between me and my clients are confidential. No third party has access to the information given to me by the client or the client’s session recording. Exceptions:
    a) When the client has granted permission in writing to divulge private information;
    b) Where life is at risk by withholding private information;
    c) By force of law that endangers my safety.
  • Sexual activity does not occur between me and a client during the complete course of sessions and for at least 2 years after the professional relationship has ended.
  • I am responsible for retaining the good name of a hypnotist by paying attention to personal conduct.
  • I keep up-to-date with material and innovation in the field of hypnosis.
  • Before entering into any professional relationship, I disclose to the client the nature of the session, the
    purpose of the session, the anticipated length of the session, and the potential cost of the session.
  • If, during a session, information is disclosed that would suggest that a referral or consultation with other professionals would be appropriate, the session shall be terminated, and the referral or consultation shall be
    made if requested or agreed upon by the client.
  • If another professional refers the client, I only perform the services specified in the referral and shall terminate the relationship after providing such services.
  • I terminate my relationship with a client when the client can no longer benefit from continued service, 
    and I shall not provide service. I do not have a good faith belief that the client will benefit from the services offered.