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The Signature Energy Optimization Program for those who desire to remember their divinity and apply energy work in everyday life.

The Siren Magic

Heal & Let Go. Guiding you through shifting your relationship templates with anyone and anything.

Cosmic Chronicle

supporting Energy worker, creatives, professional & performing artists in service & craft elevation.

Synergy Collective

A Mindful & Tender Business Oriented leadership program that helps you to examine everything business related.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)® is a Bali and in-person only service. Click to read details and message Joanne directly to check for most recent availability.

The session is FREE of charge until further notice.

~ Remember & Return to your Essential Flow State that speaks prosperity, ease, and grace.

FLOW ~~~ Joanne's Signature Energy Optimization Mentorship Program

3 months & 6 months packages
(Trial Session available)

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Experience a transformative evergreen container that supports and expands you to be in your Consistent Flow State. 

Flow is a comprehensive program borrows different aspects of your life as mirrors to help you gently shift reality, fully embody your multidimensionality, and guide you to use your unique magic to optimize how you create your life. Join us today and discover the power of Flow for yourself.

FLOW is designed to expand your consciousness, increase your awareness of external reality, your superconscious and subconscious mind, and help you master different energy optimization techniques to create significant changes and art in all areas of your reality, tenderly and subtly. 

In FLOW, clients have shifted relational dynamics with loved ones and at work, balanced their menstrual cycles, learned to consciously balance their emotions, gained greater self-acceptance, initiated spiritual gifts, and navigated life with more relaxation and less tension, while also receiving abundance through work they are passionate about. From healing to energy transformation and reality expansion, the SEOM program will guide you to unlock your unique magical essence and apply it to your health, finances, career, relationships, and beyond.

Start your journey towards the life of your dreams with our Successful Energy Optimization Mentorship, which has served many clients. Book a free 20-minute consultation or a trial session, and let us guide you towards creating more flow and a more fulfilling and abundant life.

What's Supported?

Throughout my lifelong journey of both receiving and giving private mentorship since 4 years old, I have honed various methods to provide clear instructions for implementing practices and taking steps towards transformation.

My ultimate goal is to help clients navigate the path of inner work, shadow work, and advanced energy work with ease and efficiency, supporting them to become the powerful divine human beings they are meant to embody.

In our sessions, I primarily utilize verbal communication and guidance while also incorporating techniques such as sonic and voice activation, lucid dreaming ceremonies, breathing exercises, meditation, somatic practices, intuitive writing, and personalized hypnotic practices tailored to your unique soul blueprint.

EIGHT 60-min Sessions +
private off-session messaging support*

transform mind, body & soul to maximize Freedom in all fronts of your life

Learn various energy optimization skills & techniques that suits you & apply effortlessly*

Harmonizing your Vitality, reality & reconfigure your Nervous System

Reiki Distant healing support* & sonic/somatic/breathwork practice guidance

continuous refinement through advanced energy Work & Apprenticeship* possibility

~ FLOW Tuition Fee

USD 400 Sign up, administration & assessment fee (New Enrollment Only)

USD 3800 for 6 months
USD 1800 for 3 months

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Book a 45-min Trial Session

See into the potential of your mind, body & spirit and discover the power of our comprehensive programs by booking a 45-minute trial session with Joanne.

During the session, you'll have the opportunity to experience the transformative evergreen container and get a taste of how it can help you achieve your heart's calling and create the life you truly desire.

With a small fee of USD 250, the trial session is a great way to test the waters and see if our program is the right fit for you. And the best part?

50% of the fee will go towards the administration fee of any program you decide to sign up for.
Please note that each person can only use a trial session once, and booking and paying for the session means that you have agreed to our Terms & Conditions, which you can find on this website.

Ready to discover your hidden potential and start living the life you truly desire?

Embrace your inner sorcery and unleash your magic – Let’s take the first step together by booking a trial session.

During this 45-minute session, we’ll explore how my program can help you unlock your unique magic and achieve your goals.

It’s time to turn your wildest dreams into reality.

The Siren Magic

This program is designed specifically for those who are ready to heal their relationship with themselves and those around them. Whether it's with family, partners, or children, or even personal relationships with food, pharmaceutical drugs, or other addictive behaviors, Siren Magic will guide you towards the path of true healing and empowerment.

The Siren Magic is available to children under 18 with guardian's agreement, supervision and dedicated communication.

  • Siren Magic is designed to support you on your journey towards healing and transformation. The program length is 3 months, and you have the option of meeting bi-weekly (6 sessions of 45 minutes each) or weekly (12 sessions of 45 minutes each). 
  • Please note that all sessions must be used within 90 days under regular circumstances. 
  • For children under 12 years old, we offer 30-minute sessions. 
  • If you require longer sessions of 60 to 90 minutes, please let us know, and we can discuss fees, which are subject to change.
  • Due to the nature of Siren Magic, we offer private messaging support at an additional charge.

~ Siren Magic Fees

USD 400 Sign up, administration & assessment fee (New Enrollment Only)

USD 1800 for Bi-Weekly Sessions


USD 3600 for Weekly Sessions

A Moon Witch in the midst of a wave.

Cosmic Chronicle

A very special container that's close to my heart - The cosmic chronicle is a a program that helps professional artists, creatives, professional artists, healers and energy worker to elevate and scale their services. I will work closely with you to evaluate your current practices, help you to refine your unique talents, and elevate your service and dedication. Together, we'll help you reach new levels of impact and create a thriving practice that truly reflects your soul expression and spiritual evolution.

Through my advanced energy work and energy transmutation system, you will walk away with sustainable structure and flowing inspiration for your work, your performance, your service and finances.

This is an opportunity to tenderly shift your relationship with client/audience/customer, as well as how you feel about your service and work.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of cosmic evolution? Let Cosmic Chronicle be your guide.

  • Cosmic Chronicle is an 8-month program designed to support your growth and success. Whether you’re offering your gifts as a service or business, we’ll guide you through the sales process, marketing, branding, service structure, product development, client agreements, as well as your website’s user experience. 
  • The program includes 16 sessions and private support. 
  • For those with performance-oriented expertise, I’ll provide support to help you improve your presentation and overall image during our sessions.
  • Upon signing up, you’ll receive an assessment form to help tailor our program to your specific needs.
  • The program begins on the first session date, and all prior communication and assessment time is included in the administration and assessment fees.
  • Throughout the program, you’ll receive valuable connections and resources to help you achieve your goals.

~ Cosmic Chronicles Fees

USD 400 Sign up, administration & assessment fee (New Enrollment Only)

USD 3500 for 8 months (16 sessions)

The Synergy Collective - The Leadership Program

Welcome to Synergetic Collective, where we're dedicated to enhancing your well-being and success in the workplace and beyond.

As a leader and/or business owner, you understand the importance of balancing the needs of your team, customers/clients/students, and your own personal well-being.

With decades of experience in working and collaborating with others synergetically, our service is here to support you in achieving that balance by prioritizing mind, body, and spiritual wellness in your workplace and business.

When you join Synergetic Collective, you'll have access to powerful energy tools designed to remove stuck energies in your service, product, and HR, creating more flow and abundance in your business.

I will teach you how to align yourself and support your team, infusing your business and workspace with vitality, clarity, harmony, and synchronicity, leading to increased productivity, creativity, and overall success.

Please Note: Joanne believes in promoting ethical practices and sustainability. Therefore, we regret to inform you that we do not work with businesses that involve animal products, including restaurants and food supplies that aren’t plant-based.

However, we do offer a special discount for those who currently run a vegan business. We value your commitment to promoting a plant-based lifestyle and would be delighted to support you in achieving your business goals. Please contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you thrive as a vegan entrepreneur.

~ Synergy Collective Consultation Fees

USD 550/single session that goes from 60~90 minutes.

Long-Term Contract Available upon request.

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All Programs are conducted via Zoom or distant healing.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)®

This service is for Bali & in-person only. 

Please contact Joanne directly and ask for QHHT availability  to schedule your session.

Currently, this offer is FREE of charge until further notice. 

The Procedure

The session typically lasts for about four hours. It is recommended that you keep the day free for any unforeseen developments. However, if you have any other events scheduled for later in the day, please let me know in advance.

The day is divided into three parts – Interview, hypnosis, and integration. We will take some time to chat and get to know you better. 

You can bring your personal intention, or we can help you to set them if you are unsure. 

During the hypnosis, we work with Source Energy and your super/subconscious levels to deliver the most appropriate information for you and your questions. Afterward, we will focus on integration, grounding, sharing, and how to move forward.

Here’s what we ask you to prepare:

Please write down any healing, guidance, or answers you desire to receive on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and/or soul levels. You can write down as many as you want. 

If you have any trouble creating questions, you are welcome to ask me before the session or on the day itself, and I can help with phrasing. 

Optionally, I integrate human design reading at the end of the session for further support. If you feel called to add this, you can send me your birth date, time, birth city, and country. If you already know your HD, please send me your chart, but don’t forget to include your birth data. 

Get your chart

What is QHHT?

Unlike traditional hypnosis modalities, QHHT is capable of taking the subject into the deepest relaxation state: the somnambulistic state. In this state, the conscious mind is quieted, and the subconscious mind is more receptive to suggestions and imagery. 

The somnambulistic state is often described as a feeling of being in a dreamlike state, where the individual is deeply relaxed, which allows them to gently slip into a different identity that holds information to support the questions they have in this lifetime. 

During our time together, the client can access memories, emotions, and perceptions easily. In this state, individuals may also experience heightened creativity, intuition, and problem-solving abilities when they connect with the superconscious.

It’s important to note that hypnotherapy should only be conducted by trained professionals in a safe and controlled environment.

QHHT uses deep relaxation and hypnosis to access your subconscious mind and gain insight into your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. During a session, you’ll be guided through a journey that reveals dimensions holding important information in any time and space, where you can uncover hidden insights and connect with “Them.” It’s an incredible tool for those who are seeking answers to their life’s purpose, past life experiences, or emotional healing. 

If you’re curious to learn more, feel free to reach out and ask me anything!

Click here to Message Joanne 

Who's Dolores Cannon?

Dolores Cannon was a well-known author, speaker, and past life regressionist who was born in 1931 and passed away in 2014. She’s most recognized for her development of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), which allowed people to access past life memories and gain insights into their current life purpose and challenges.

Cannon wrote several books on spirituality, metaphysics, and hypnosis, such as “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth,” “The Convoluted Universe,” and “Between Death and Life.” All of her books are transcriptions of her sessions. Her work has been translated into over 20 languages and has inspired many people worldwide to explore their own spiritual journeys.

Throughout her career, Cannon conducted thousands of QHHT sessions and traveled extensively to share her work and insights with others. She was a pioneer in the field of past life regression, and her legacy continues to inspire those who seek to explore the mysteries of human consciousness and the universe we live in.

Her work is continued by her daughter, Julia Cannon.

Initiate a soulful exploration that empowers you to access and sustain your optimal state of flow.