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Advanced Energy Work & Transformation through Quantum Phyisics (Universal Laws – Law of Vibration & Attraction); Human Design, Gene Keys, Tao Philosophy, and Breathing Yin. 

Divine Human Grid Offerings & Shop

Dive into what we have to offer for aspired humans.
Find out what’s possible for you.

Shop for your new journey in personal transformation and evolution. Elevates your energy work learning and subtle energy body stability.

Should you have any questions or inquiries regarding existing offerings or potential suggestions, please get in touch with

Single Session Offerings

1:1 Program coming soon.

Please feel free to message or email to inquire for the existing signature 6-month program "de-programming" & other short-term offers.

Live Better Freer

1:1 Personalized

Short & Long-term mentorship program

For your:
Business & Career
Holistic Health & Wellness
Lifestyle & Purpose

The signature mentorship program FLOW helps you to gracefully master energetic techniques and become a vibrational match to your dream life.

Get tailored made guidance, 1:1 VIP out-session support & practice and attract your desires and walk through daily moments with unshakeable inner serenity.

Find blaance between yoursubtle and cosmic body

Reinvent your mind, body & soul to heal & take inspired actions in your exquisite signature

healthy feminine and masculine energy integration through Tao philosophy & 5 Elements

Live freely in your authentic essence and unleash your genius & spiritual gifts

nervous system Reprogram for healthy life expansion

Utilize somatic practice to shift your life experiences in ease


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