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The Universe Speaks: A Tale of Synchronicity and Igniting New Direction in Life

I’ve just had a potent energy shift from a conversation with a friend. (If you’ve joined my Instagram channel – You already know a bit about this encounter!) 

I believe that the Universe is always asking us to pay closer attention to interactions and synchronicities that manifest the quickest – not in a sense to try to make things happen but the ones that reveal themselves in our natural flow.

To receive messages from the Divine requires us to practice a hyper sense of awareness in many layers of our being. So, to give you some context – I’ve been celebrating my 35th solar return in the southern tip of the Island of Gods (Bali), Uluwatu. I’ve been based in Ubud for the past 4.5 years if you are new to my world. I rarely come to this part of the island, and I was told that here’s where the Yin and Yang dragon energy intersects, which creates a powerful vortex. 

I’ve known my friend Antonio for several years now. He’s a videographer, a fellow Ubudian, a musician, and a yoga teacher who’s been around my field for as long as I’ve been living here. We always have pleasant conversations, and the grace of the Universe has forged our connection. 

And to be honest, I haven’t felt “motivated” in many months. I am not fussing over it because the last thing I want to do is to act and jump into the next thing under societal conditioning. The Universe gave me clear directions through meditation and channeling at the beginning of 2023, but there was always some resistance every time I tried to move. 

So what is the direction?

It’s to create beautiful things. It’s to get back to what I’ve been doing since I was a kid – To create art, music, and words that have impacts. (I composed my first 4-hand piano piece at 9 and was invited to play nationally).

As you may know from my last email, I am a Human Design 2/4 Splenic Projector, and our strategy is to wait for invitations. I’ve had invitations that came through to play with others, but none felt aligned. I even felt bitter because someone else was “taking” the opportunity I rejected and had no response towards. The ego and not-self are hilarious!

Yet, today, before I ran into Antonio, Instagram algorithm popped an original piano piece inspired by my favorite piano composer, Alexander Scriabin, composed by a lovely Ukranian pianist, Daria Vasileva (@daria.pianist). I listened to that 1-minute reel a few times and was genuinely touched by it. I felt a call to write piano music again, and I let it go pretty quickly to carry on with my day. HOWEVER, the seed was planted … I began to associate and have my thought process move in this direction unconsciously. 

So what has this to do with my encounter with my friend Antonio? (Pay attention now – This is how I read “the signs” 🙂 ) 

  1. We both live in Ubud. I don’t come down to Uluwatu usually. He’s only here to teach yoga classes for the day. (Out of our normal rhythm and everyday environment). 
  2. I was having breakfast down the road with my partner. I thought about him because he introduced me to a musician a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to listen to it, but I haven’t. 
  3. I decided to come to another restaurant to work on my laptop because I FELT A DRAW with ZERO reasoning. It was an intuition. (My authority is the spleen – which operates from moment to moment). 
  4. Then voila! I saw Antonio right at the door. He just sat down also, and here’s the crazy part … I said I was thinking about him because of that music he introduced to me. Then he said he played only that musician for today’s morning yoga class!

I mean, what are the chances? There’s no coincidence. And I am absolutely IN LOVE with synchronicity. 

Of course, the encounter doesn’t end there. We had a beautiful conversation about music and our life experiences in teaching + creating art. There were many similarities in how we perceived our immediate musical environment, and he encouraged me to start making music again. 

Then boom, I realized what was “wrong” with my intention before – I was not meant to be a player on someone’s set but a soloist or a co-creator.

I won’t go into details about musicianship here because it might not make sense to the general public, but I felt SO ALIVE when we talked about creating suspensions and energetic vibes through playing with energy without playing.

And one thing he said stood out: My perfectionism was probably holding me back. It would most likely not take a lot of effort for me to create something “subpar” in my standard but still unique and elevated according to what he has seen in my life’s trajectory (Truth, truth, and truth).

I knew that was the jackpot and what I needed to hear. That was why I was guided to see him today. I was not meant to be an add-on to other people’s creations.

And, of course, the Universe can deliver messages to us repeatedly, but it’s up to us to take action. However, It’s not just about wanting to make it happen.

Sometimes, the current circumstances and our energy are not aligned yet.

Sometimes, we ask for manifestations that sell ourselves short.

Sometimes, life must deliver specific experiences FIRST to help you see so you can effortlessly surrender to the manifestation for your highest good.

Now, how is this relevant to you?

While chatting with Antonio, I noticed energy shifted in my body when discussing how I would play and perform my music. I know there were sparks in my eyes. Compared to when I talked about starting to focus on music again several months ago with others, it felt more downstream. The resistance was so much less.

If you made it here, there are a few prompts I’d love to offer you that are connected to awareness and passion:

  • If you’ve been feeling indifferent or lack of purpose/direction, what conversation has repeatedly shown up in your field in the last few months, maybe even years?
  • My therapist from 11 years ago had told me to pay attention to what brings my tears forward. I found it super helpful. The suggestion took me to years of backpacking and connecting with fabulous people. I also felt that when I was conversing with Antonio. In energy work, tears are energy-in-motion. Can you become more aware when you are having conversations with others?
  • What’s that one thing you’ve been doing that makes your heart sing since you were a kid, and when was the last time you did it?
  • Treat this article as an invitation to talk about ANYTHING you are passionate about and light yourself up to feel the energy moving in your body.

I hope you found this story helpful. Leave a comment if you feel called, and I am sending you lots of love from Bali.