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Advanced Energy Work & Transformation through Quantum Phyisics (Universal Laws – Law of Vibration & Attraction); Human Design, Gene Keys, Tao Philosophy, and Breathing Yin. 

Human Design 3rd Gate / Gene Key for Classical Music Lovers: Radiant Innocence Via Divine Naiveness

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Human Design Gate 3 Gene Keys 3rd Key Dream Arc Transit Contemplation Analysis

Quantum Data of Human Design Gate 3 & The 3rd Gene Key: 

I-Ching Hexagram: 屯卦/水雷屯 Water & Thunder; Difficulty at the Beginning
Human Design Rave I-Ching: The Gate of Ordering 
Human Design / Gene Key Programming Partner: The 50th Gene Key 
Human Design / Gene Key Harmonic Gate: The 60th Gate
Human Design Energy Center: Sacral
Physiology: Navel 
Human Design Energy Circuit: Knowing
Human Design Energy Channel: Mutation (Energy which fluctuates and initiates)
Amino Acid: Leucine

3rd Gene Key, Dream Arc 3rd Key & Musicians: 
The 3rd Gene Key & Dream Arc Shadow Expression (Challenge / Fear): Chaos – Adder – John Cage
The 3rd Gene Key Dream Arc Gift Expression (Creativity / Life): Innovation – Coyote – Ludwig Van Beethoven
The 3rd Gene Key Dream ARc Siddhi Expression (Vision / Essence): Innocence – Puffin – Claude Debussy
Codon Ring: The Ring of Life and Death (3, 20, 23, 24, 27, 42) 
Associated Astrology Archetype: Aries (Equal House System)
Associated God / Goddess: Prometheus1

Click here to skip to the writing of my analysis & contemplation on Human Design Gate 3 / 3rd Gene Key. 

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My Human Design bodygraph shows my natal-personality-conscious moon is 3.6 with a fixed detriment. In Rave I-Ching, Ra described it as “As darkness overwhelms, life can seem worthless leading to depression and the sense of hopelessness. The overwhelming power of confused energy can lead to depression. (3.6)” This energy is nowhere to be found on my Gene Keys profile, but I have witnessed myself going into extreme depression when I “get the hit.” 

The “hit” can be many different things. From relationship issues to career development, from trouble with my family dynamic to an unpleasant dream. My reactions to these circumstances used to be more dramatic. I have even gone into a psych ward for this energy due to my unawareness of too much unconscious sacral energy running through my body while I was living in New York City as a splenic projector.

After some quantum energy work, these days, the expression of this Gate in my geometry is a lot more subtle, like a quick three-minute outburst, and I am done. After all, I have my emotional solar plexus undefined, and when I have conditioned, I don’t hold on to the particular frequency.

Watching this energy display in my life has been quite interesting since, according to Human Design and astrologically speaking2, like the energy of Gate 3, my natal/conscious Earth and Mars are also in Aries (17.2). The emotions always come fast, unannounced, rough, and chaotic, with lots of “passion” going any possible way. Yet, at the same time, I can always ground myself better in this energy. The expression can be ugly but powerful, honest, and dissipate fast. While it can be very unpleasant, this variation of detrimental expression keeps me human and humble. 

When I returned to contemplate the Human Design 3rd Gate energy, I witnessed my “not-self” struggle to start anything when I needed to follow my spleen authority and the pulse of my defined root center. For example, starting to display my contemplation of each Gate has been a project I have wanted to play with for a long time, and it’s no coincidence that I am finally ready to begin on a 3.1 day! I am pretty amused. 

The readiness didn’t come from detailed planning or project management. I didn’t finally “get to it.” It wasn’t on a list called “My 124908 interesting ideas to fulfill,” but because in my journey, there were times I didn’t wait for the timing and jumped the gun, and I didn’t listen to that tiny voice in my body that says “Now it’s / it’s not time.” I unconsciously turned into a super manifestor and a super generator.

In this article, I will divide the key into three sections based on the Gene Keys and Dream Arc, mix them with my Human Design knowledge and Taiwanese/Chinese cultural background, and provide you with what I feel are the most fitting classical music composers for each frequency, namely the Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi. 

I hope you enjoy my contemplation and creativity with Human Design Gate 3 & The 3rd Gene Key. Let me know how you like the classical music I chose to work with the energy. 
Leave a comment and share with me how this energy is present in your life!

Human Design 3rd Gate & The Shadow of 3rd Gene Key – Chaos | 3rd Fear Key – Adder

Classical Music Recommendation: 4’33” (1952)
Classical Music Composer: John Cage, American Experimental Composer (1912-1992)
Human Design Profile & Energy Type: 2/4 Pure Generator

Human Design Incarnation Cross: Right Angle Cross of Consciousness (64/63 35/5)3

I love Chaos. Chaos is the fiery Kali and the ultimate Yin. Chaos can feel like darkness when there’s no space for light, but as we say in Mandarin Chinese, there’s always order in Chaos (亂中有序). I loved to use this as an excuse when my partner or mother wanted me to organize and tidy up the room. I would say, “You can always see the order in a mess when you are still enough.” 

Regarding how messy I was, I was too lazy to dust and liked having random things scattered around so I could easily access them. The behavior could be tremendously disturbing for those who potentially display OCD behaviors, but it’s all relative. Haha. Jokes aside, the order is born out of Chaos. Without Chaos, order would not exist, and of course, there came a time when I realized how essential it is to clear not just my energy but also my physical environment to the T. I couldn’t tolerate my mess at some point anymore, as our physical environment directly reflects our internal energy and, on the other hand, influences us greatly.

Chaos light trails
Photo by Soheb Zaidi on Unsplash

As Richard Rudd suggested, all Shadows in Gene Keys contain their Siddhis, like the seeds buried in darkness, deep in the soil, and await that breakthrough into the light as they simultaneously hold elements drawn to the light and darkness. Chaos is unconditional, with slight variations, close to none. It’s like John Cage’s 4’33”, which is mostly silent throughout the piece. The “composition” is subjected to seemingly random happenings and very few notes written on the page. The other only condition is the length of the piece – 4 minutes and 33 seconds. 

In another way, the Shadow of Chaos in Gene Keys is like the adder snake in Dream Arc 3rd Fear Key. It’s venomous, but if you are bitten by it, the effect is usually mild except for some severe poisoning cases. It can be stressful, but it won’t kill you. However, think about the people who unconsciously hoard or live in a dirty, smelly environment with rotten food hidden in different places, which causes physical health issues. 

It’s also important to understand that the neutrino stream (in common spiritual/scientific language—vibration, energy, frequency) passes through our bodies unless we consciously or unconsciously identify our being with the particular energy. Furthermore, according to Richard Rudd, the original meaning of “chaos” is closer to “primordial space” and doesn’t equate to disorder, while in Human Design’s Rave I-Ching, Ra Uru Hu labels Gate 3 as the Gate of Ordering.3

Therefore, let’s look at out-of-order in two different ways, not in terms of disorder but “out” of order. 

The {External} Out of Order:

  • Life lacks discipline, but at the same time, what appears to be out of order in reality has not been embraced within the mind.
  • Surprises, usually unpleasant, keep showing up. Life is going differently than planned and in the desired order. 
  • The fear of events and the self-being out of control: Every little detail in the Maia is disturbing, even when it’s an illusion and a projection. And, of course, what is “detailed” is relative. 
  • The external out-of-order is usually much easier to deal with since it has not tampered with your energy body too intimately yet. To transcend this, heal your mind, listen to your body, and work with your perceptions. 

The {Internal} Out of order:

  • You feel like you are kaput (broken in German), and you’ve identified with it. The not-self has taken over. Your body is collapsing. Your mind is foggy. You cannot think straight or feel like there’s nothing fresh in life anymore. Everything is stale. 
  • Your personality is in transference (constant instability) and cannot escape. 
  • You feel powerless and small. You think the external reality is beyond your control and are waiting for the worst-case scenario. You are even ready to go down with it.
  • You’re passively waiting for someone else to fix your problems, whether it’s your body, the symptoms that have turned into disease or illness, or your outward reality. Ex. You are waiting for God or the medical industry to save you. 

Human Design 3rd Gate & 3rd Gene Key – Innovation | 3rd Life Key – Coyote

Classical Music Recommendation: ‘Eroica’ Variations & Fugue in E-Flat Major, on ‘Prometheus’ Theme
Classical Music Composer: Ludwig Van Beethoven, German composer (1770-1827)
Human Design Profile & Energy Type: 2/4 Pure Generator
Human Design Incarnation Cross: Right Angle Cross of Eden 4 (11/12 | 6/36)

Go to my Gene Keys Music Transit Contemplation Music Playlist for the full piece.

The gift within us is our life force and your creativity. The 3rd Gene Key innovation has given me lots of fire to create new classes, programs, projects, and music even when I am a non-sacral being. A part of me loves realizing new ideas, only to find out that I don’t have the consistent energy to bring them to life “fast” (Speed is relative, anyway).

Innovation is not only about creating something new. It’s also about reinventing ourselves or regenerating from what can be refurbished, whether in our reality or our spirituality. When I was younger, I would let go of a relationship because I didn’t feel like a lover or a partner had the potential to develop freshness and explore new potential with me. I had much less patience, and of course, it was before I learned that we create our reality.

I’ve also seen how I evolved with this particular Gate in my work and living environment. A few friends who have known me for a while have mentioned that when they looked at my process, it feels like I’ve lived several different lives! 

Innovation is not only about creating something new. It’s also about reinventing ourselves or regenerating from what can be refurbished, whether in our reality or our spirituality.
Joanne Chen

Having an undefined G center in my bodygraph certainly helps me be more flexible about who I am, as I shared in one of my recent guest appearances on a dear friend’s podcast. Every time I embodied a new frequency after a period of void, I felt a life force and the 3rd gate energy running through me even as a non-sacral.

Thanks for checking out our photo, be sure to connect with us on social media as well:

Instagram: @skyestudiosmedia

Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash

The Gift of Innovation has shown me we are always interconnected with others, whether the others are a person, a place, an event, an identity, nature, an entity, a job, or a reality. Through connecting, we get to play with energy as energy ourselves! We won’t be able to manifest, attract, generate, and reflect if we don’t interact with others or this physical third-dimensional world. We bond and create chemistry. We collide to spark new probability and separate from treading into different worlds to come together again.

This is the beauty of this particular gift. It gives us the space to be fully immersed in new possibilities and offers us the potential to actualize worlds based on our unique design. I chose Beethoven’s Eroica Variations & Fugue in E-flat major as Beethoven was a prominent Germanic composer who lived through the discovery of Uranus and the emergence of 9-centered beings. Ludwig Van Beethoven, another 2/4 pure generator, defined only the root, sacral, spleen, and ego centers. While he did not have the 3rd Gate in his bodygraph, he had the hanging 60th Gate that allowed him to be conditioned with an innovative spirit. His music is the bridge between the classical and romantic periods.

The Eroica Variations, Op.35, came to me when I contemplated this Gene Key. When choosing this music for the 3rd Gene Key Siddhi, I did not remember that Prometheus is also the god of fire, the guy who stole fire from the Olympian gods. Prometheus also represents planet Uranus, which is the planet that governs creative innovation: Setting things on fire and alchemization through fire … What other music is more fitting than this groundbreaking piano variations?!

Furthermore, if we listen to this piece, Beethoven maintains traditional counterpoints and conventional musical resolutions by using the complex structure of fugue. You can hear how he tried to break out of limitation (60th key programming partner) by exploring interesting harmonic choices with elaborate singing melodies that weren’t necessarily common compared to classical-era composers like Mozart and Haydn. The desire for an innovative approach while trying to break out limitations becomes increasingly evident in his later work, such as his piano sonata in E-Major, Op. 109. 

Beethoven might have been a miserable man because of his not-self-balancing act since the 3rd gift isn’t an energy he consistently had, but his music brought light to many others and the generations of musicians after him as an 11th Gate in the Conscious Sun & 11th Gene Key Life’s Work. Even though he was looking for salvation in music by using the 3rd Gene Key to balance out the limitation he felt from the 60th Gene Key, he was living his life’s work.4

Human Design 3rd Gate & The Siddhi of 3rd Gene Key – Innocence | 3rd Life Key – Puffin

Classical Music Recommendation: Children’s Corner, Doctor Gradus ad Paranassem
Classical Music Composer: Claude Debussy, French Composer (1862 – 1918)
Human Design Energy Type & Profile: 5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator
Human Design Incarnation Cross: Left Angle Cross of Industry (29/30 20/34)

The Siddhi of Innocence symbolizes playfulness, free-thinking, and a certain degree of healthy naivety. It’s not being afraid of messiness and Chaos in favor of discovery. I felt that French composer Claude Debussy’s Children’s Corner, a collection of solo piano pieces he wrote for his daughter, Chou Chou, in 1905, really reveals the essence of this Siddhi. She is described as a lively and friendly child who her father adored. He dedicated the suite to her in 1908 when she was three. The dedication reads: “A ma chère petite Chouchou, avec les tendres excuses de son Père pour ce qui va suivre. C. D.” (To my dear little Chouchou, with tender apologies from her father for what follows).

A very defined 5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator with only completely open root and spleen centers, Debussy is known for his creativity and exploration of tone color in music. Even though he doesn’t have the 3rd Gate in his bodygraph, Chou Chou inspired much of Debussy’s work. “The power of the imagination, the innocence and wonder of childhood all appealed to Debussy.

It would also be interesting to approach the contemplation of the 3rd Gene Key Siddhi of Innocence based on an ancient text. I am not religious, but I was born into an Asian Christian family, and I was trained to memorize one quote a week in Sunday school.

Despite my distance from all religions these days, there are a few bible quotes I am very fond of, especially after I found out that the Bible is a book full of manifestation secrets that had been tampered with by the Romans. I felt that this quote in the Gospel of Matthew is particularly fitting to the Siddhi of Innocence: “Then he said, ‘I tell you the truth unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.’” (Matthew 18.3).

There are multiple angles we can look at in this quote. Firstly, humanity’s present consciousness has been set up to seek reasons and logic. We’ve lived in a left-arrow era and the Cross of Planning since 1781. Despite the progress we’ve made in our technological innovation and the evolution of our intellect, the Shadow of Corruption, the 50th Gene Key program partner, is still very much alive as it potentially and temporarily calms the uncertainty within us when we are disconnected from spirit and gets completely lost in our mind forgetting to trust.

However, if you observe children, you notice how unpredictable they can be. Some would say yes and no to the same thing in 5 minutes and wouldn’t care how they appear to others! Secondly, most children are unaware of the past, present, and future until the concept is taught to them by their school, parents, or guardians. They may be as unconscious of it as we were when we were kids. Multidimensionality is still very much alive within us because the construction of time is not in our awareness.

The smiling sisters
Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

This level of innocence allows us to access “The Kingdom,” where everything is possible, like the Room of Requirement in the famous Harry Potter series, which appears when students are in particular need of it and would provide whatever is required, except when you experience the Siddhi of Innocence, it almost feels like you have the passcode to this room and can call in infinite prosperity. 

I also love this analogy where Ra Uru Hu described how our design imprints and personality awareness are like two bicycle wheels; our bodygraph is the synthesized integration of these two sides, collaborating as they should. Each wheel is independent, but we need both for our wholeness to be fully displayed in the Maya. There’s something you experience, and there’s something you create. The analogy that Ra gives about the nature of Human Design is very much of the spirit of Innocence – It’s simple and binary, as that is our mechanical nature. And as Richard Rudd suggests, “It is one of the simplest of all to understand once you move out of mental territory.”

"There’s something you experience, and there’s something you create." The analogy that Ra gives about the nature of Human Design is very much of the spirit of Innocence - It’s simple and binary, as that is our mechanical nature. And as Richard Rudd suggests, “It is one of the simplest of all to understand once you move out of mental territory.”
Joanne Chen

(Written during the 3rd Gate transit in 2024)

  1. What astrological house system does Human Design use? While this may not directly influence the associated signs of our charts, my research has shown that the Human Design system possibly uses the Equal House System, one of the most ancient astrological calculation systems (The other one is the Whole Sign System). This may change how we contemplate the astrological archetype associated with the houses with Human Design ( if you are as geeky as me). ↩︎
  2. Refer to above (footnote 1). ↩︎
  3. According to Ra Uru Hu, I-Ching is written for the not-self ↩︎
  4. I believe anyone who feels drawn to work or contemplate a particular Gene Key, even if they don’t have it in their profile or bodygraph, is given a pathway for the frequency to travel through their bodies, guiding them back in alignment subtly. ↩︎

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