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What Is Fear?


How often do human beings spending their energy dwelling on the “What-Ifs?”

And how often does an individual gives their innate power to fear?

Fear is an illusional idea installed into animalistic minds as a protective mechanism. Disregarding how intelligent humans have led themselves to believe, it’s a very ancient instinctual response from DNA.

While it may seem like it is 100% natural to be fearful, as the human brain evolves, fear has become a cellular memory that no longer applies to where humanity is heading.

Some call it trauma, but since the word, “trauma” has multitudes of vibrations a memory that’s been stored in the collective’s deepest subconscious.

As humans realize the power of the mind, fear becomes a distant vibrational reality. Most of the events or circumstances humans are afraid of are generally coming from the past or future.

The different faces of fear

Fear can look like anger, anxiety, nervousness, and despair.

Fear can look like repulsion, depression, or feeling alienated, drained, and restless.

Fear can also look like worries, frustration, bitterness, tension, and apprehension.

Awareness is here to prevent – Not to keep humans from living.

Fear is, in fact, an action rather than a projected thought.

When the human mind leads its thought process from the past or future to unpleasant imaginary realities, it inevitably invites freeze mode and fight or flight mode to the body. It may look like this:

  • Lack of motivation, walking on the road to depression.
  • Taking unnecessary steps to build a fortress around their heart to protect possible outcomes.
  • Unconsciously perpetuating argumentative, uncomfortable sarcastic conversation in the head.

While humans learn from experience to avoid repeating patterns, it’s also important to understand that the most effective method to shift the circumstance is NOT always about going back to the moment of the event.

Here are a couple of questions to help with the self-inquiry that will help you to move through the subconscious memory:

  1. Can I recall what was happening leading up to the event?
  2. What is the preferred outcome? Can I focus on the feeling of receiving this?

Multiple realities exist simultaneously.

The thoughts, emotions, and actions are the recipe of energy that creates and projects a specific reality. This is called “alignment”.

The emotions are already a vibrational response. To effortless rise to a higher vibrational reality that most humans desire to receive, consciously releasing what’s been stored in human genetics is crucial on a personal level and a collective level.

Releasing these lower-density vibrations doesn’t take time but space and intention, which come from the mind.

The imagination part of the mind is a creative tool that taps the soul into multiple dimensions, which has the opportunity to turn into realities. This has been scientifically proven.

The reality human minds feed their energy to magnetize it into existence.

Everything that aligns with the potential of humanity exists within each body like a pure white warm light. As the collective continues to advance and evolve, A/B testing is given as the concept of “free will”.

This is a big responsibility but at the same time, thrilling.

The possible next manifestation of the human collective lies in individual action at an energetic level, how capable can human beings take the civilization when choices are apparent? Can humans even see the higher vibrational options or continuing regurgitation of the False Evidence?

The mind can lead an individual to destruction or elevation, so the next contemplation of this musing for all humans in this game called life would be:

  • What energy do you desire to bring forth into your best possible outcome?

Final words: A no-judgment zone for others and self

While lower vibrational ideas such as fear are not inherently “wrong”, the only function it has left is to “keep humans in the game”.

The purpose of embracing lower-density emotions is to kindly filter out the ego and take humanity to its evolution.

Although fear was somehow coded on a genetic level, evolution and perfection are also installed as a part of our software. Desire to live a more pleasant life was an indication of these frequencies.

The ultimate change lies in the direction humans choose to see from within.